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The Perfect Car Service Reminder Templates

Use these car service reminder email templates to cut your admin time in half and generate more service appointments.

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COVID-19 has disrupted several industries, and car dealerships have not been immune.

What’s even more interesting is that 57.6% of dealerships and repair shops say customers are deferring car maintenance because of the pandemic. 

This is why it’s more important than ever to remind customers about the need for routine vehicle maintenance.

That’s the aim of these car sales email–and text message–templates.

What Makes a Perfect Car Service Reminder Template?

If you’ve ever gotten an appointment reminder, you’ve experienced their cold, impersonal nature.

These kind of appointment reminder templates make it clear you’re not a person, but a data point.

Not a good look when people are already putting off their service date.

Instead you should write a friendly reminder that’s warm, personal, and effective. Here’s how to do it.

Car Service Reminder Email Template: A Template You Can Start Using Immediately

Before we share with you the actual template, it’s worth calling out a few other critical elements of a service email. You should include:

  • Transparent pricing: coupons and special offers also resonate with consumers.
  • The specific value you offer: it’s important to tell customers why they should choose your dealership.

We also recommend including a line on your safety protocols. One of the reasons people are putting off car maintenance appointments is because they’re afraid of contracting the virus.

Subject line:

Annual service reminder [first_name]


Hi [first_name],

It’s that time of year again. We have you penciled in for your yearly vehicle maintenance and check on [DATE].

We know it’s been a challenging year for everyone and car maintenance isn’t always a top priority. 

So to make sure you stay safe on the road, we’re offering 10% off the price of our annual maintenance service which is normally [YOUR PRICE] and now is [PRICE WITH DISCOUNT].

You’ll have trained [BRAND] technicians, using the latest tools and diagnostic equipment, and the car will receive only [BRAND] genuine parts.

Not only this, but we have strict COVID-19 cleaning guidelines and protocols in place to ensure your safety. 

Can I confirm we’ll see you at [DATE]? What time works?

We look forward to seeing you at [DEALERSHIP NAME] soon!



Use Text Message Reminders to Cut Through the Noise

Our car service reminder email template has one big problem.

In 2020, the average open rate dropped to 21.3% (a slight decrease compared to 2019). That means roughly roughly only one in four people will even open it.

So if you have a 100 people, 21 will open it. Even if you have a whopping 50% conversion rate on the above email that’s 11 appointments.

Text messages have a 98% open rate. That means 98 of the 100 people will open it. Even if we halve the conversion rate to 25%, that’s 24 appointments. 

If math isn’t your thing, the takeaway is this: if you want to more than double the number of appointments you book, send text messages.

Text Message Car Service Reminder Templates

For the best results, we recommend sending appointment reminders via text messages and emails. Here is what we mean.

Hi Drew, it’s Kia of Escondido. We’re notifying you that it may be time for your first manufacturer recommended service. We also sent you an email with more details–if you have any questions, please call this phone number.

The text acts as a short, to the point reminder and will also boost your email’s open rates. 

You might have also noticed that in the template that we tell people they can call the number the message comes from. (Here are some other car service SMS templates.)

With our business texting service you can text-enable a landline or toll-free number. You can then send and receive text messages from this number, without impacting your voice service.

There’s a ton of other benefits to text marketing for car dealerships. You can send sales offers by text or use SMS for lead generation.

💡 Use our free SMS template generator to start texting your service center customers today.

The Wrap on Car Service Reminder Templates

If you take only two things from this article, they should be that:

  • You need to combine email and text messages–you can’t afford to have only 20% of people opening your emails
  • It’s worth taking the time to think about the message that you’re sending and how it can help overcome the objections your customers may have
Drew Wilkinson
Drew Wilkinson

Drew Wilkinson is the Head of Marketing at SimpleTexting. Drew has more than a decade of experience managing successful integrated marketing programs to build brands, raise awareness, and generate demand.

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