Lead Generation with Text Marketing

Generate More Leads with SMS Marketing

With SMS lead generation, you can find people who are interested in your business, then turn them into paying customers with text messages.

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Use SMS for New Leads

Whether you’re a business owner, sales rep or recruiter, turning prospects into customers is no easy task. It can be frustrating to spend hours on cold calls only to end up with a few somewhat-qualified leads. We’ve got good news: text messages are a better, more effective way to engage your prospects.

Use SMS for New Leads

The ROI of Using SMS for Lead Generation

Time. It’s the first thing you have to invest when setting up SMS marketing. It only takes minutes to create a keyword and send out a bulk SMS campaign. And unlike email marketing, you don’t need any design or development experience.

The simplicity of texts makes them an effective and easy-to-use marketing tool.

Potential customers see 160 characters and make a decision. That decision, 17% of the time, is to click your link. You don’t get these engagement rates anywhere else.

Text messaging is also one of the most affordable forms of communication. Each text only costs pennies and our flexible pricing plans can accommodate any budget.

Plus, every plan includes unlimited keywords, unlimited contacts, and free incoming SMS messages.

The ROI of Using Text Messages for Generating Leads

Key Statistics When Considering SMS Lead Gen

There are hundreds of services and tools promising to help you “see sales like never before.” It’s important to do your due diligence when evaluating which lead gen efforts you want to dedicate time and resources to. Let’s look at the numbers:

Key Statistics When Considering SMS Lead Generation
According to Nielsen, texting occupies 14.1% of consumers’ mobile time. Email is just 5.3%. If you want to reach leads, message them where they’re already spending time.
A survey of over 6,000 people found that 9 in 10 consumers would rather receive a text from a businesses than a phone call.
The Direct Marketing Association conducted a survey that found 44% of people would rather receive product information and other marketing messages through SMS campaigns than any other channel.
Our customers see an average click-through rate of 17%. That’s 5x higher than the average email.

These are just a few of the numbers that conclude text messages are an effective tool for finding and converting leads. New research supporting the power of SMS continues to be released every day.

Industries That Use SMS Lead Generation

Any business that needs paying customers (so, all of them) can benefit from connecting with prospects in a more effective way. The use cases for text messages are numerous.

Talent Acquisition

Contact job seekers and invite qualified applicants to apply using texts. Plus, keep candidates informed during the entire hiring process.

Real Estate

Make it easy for interested buyers to find out more about a property. Collect their contact info to send open house reminders and more.

Event Management

Text messages can be used to promote ticket sales, increase event attendance or gather more information from attendees at trade shows.

Advertising Agencies

Make your clients’ campaigns more effective by adding a short code to collect useful customer details which can be used for remarketing.

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How to Build a Successful SMS Lead Generation Strategy

A strong lead gen strategy sets your sales team up for success and, of course, drives revenue. Before you start sending out text messages, it’s important to understand the basics of lead generation and SMS marketing. Follow the steps below and you’ll start making money for your business in no time.

Import Existing Leads
First things first, if you already have a list of qualified leads (and explicit permission to text them) you can easily import them to our platform.

Capture Leads with a Short Code and Keyword
SMS short codes are five- to six-digit long phone numbers, like 900900 or 41404. A keyword is a word or phrase that potential leads can text to your shortcode to opt-in for messages.

Place your shortcode and keyword in as many places as possible. Make sure they appear on the following:

  • Website homepage
  • Landing pages
  • Printed sales collateral
  • Digital ads
  • Social posts
  • Google listing
  • Business cards

Add a Web Form to Your Homepage
You don’t need to be a developer to add a web sign-up form to your site. Our platform lets you create a custom form with all the fields you need to qualify a lead. Adding it your website is easy as copying and pasting a small piece of code.

Write an Auto Reply
Don’t let a single lead fall through the cracks. Set up a message that sends as soon as someone texts in your keyword. Use this auto reply as an opportunity to introduce yourself or send helpful information.

Today 9:07 AM
Thanks for signing up for career alerts! You’ll be the first to hear about new job postings in your area. View our current openings: https://bit.ly/2F1yaNY

Nurture Leads With Autoresponders
Some leads need a bit of hand-holding. In addition to your initial auto reply, you should set up autoresponders: pre-scheduled text messages that send automatically after a few days, weeks, or months.

You can use SMS autoresponders to:

  • Touch base with leads
  • Educate users on your service
  • Send additional resources
  • Offer free trials

Qualify Leads with Data Collection
Text messages aren’t just a tool for sending information. They can be used to collect info, too. When connecting with prospective leads, use the data collection feature to request more information such as first name, last name, email, job title and more.

Create Customer Segments
Make your messages highly targeted by segmenting your audience based on the details your leads send you. Create segments based on default fields, such as opt-in date, or custom fields such as location, employment status, and more.

Personalize Your Messages with Custom Fields
Leads are more likely to engage with texts that are personalized. Use the information you’ve gathered using data collection to automatically customize your texts. One easy way to do this is to include your contact’s first name at the beginning of the text.

Include Links to Forms
Text messages can be used in tandem with other tools to collect more detailed information from your leads. Our link shortener lets you send forms to your subscribers, without having to worry about lengthy URLs.

Create a Strong Call-to-Action
Every message you send should have a concise CTA. Make sure your leads understand the value you’re offering, then give them a clear next step.

Measure Success with Analytics
Our analytics tool lets you dig into your campaigns so you can learn more about what’s working and what’s not. Find out which text messages have higher click-through rates and use those insights to adjust your texts in the future.

Integrate Texting With Your Existing CRM

Now you should have a handle on how text messages can be used for lead generation. You’re almost ready to get started. Here are two ways you can plug our platform into your existing sales tools.

You can connect your SimpleTexting account to the web apps you already use for lead gen including Facebook Lead Ads, Salesforce, Google Sheets and more. Our Zapier integration makes it easy to automate your texting and sales workflow.

Build custom solutions with our easy-to-use SMS API. We built our platform to be developer friendly so you can make your CRM interact with our SMS gateway.

Examples of SMS for Lead Generation

Start writing your first message today. Here’s some inspiration to get your started. Text marketing can be used at every step of the sales funnel.

Hi, Joe. As a thank you for signing up for our texts, we’d like to provide you with these 5 small business secrets: https://bit.ly/2MwwnaA

Thanks for joining. Reply with your zip code and we’ll send you the best offers in your area.

Hi, Nicole. We have some full-time jobs in the Seattle area that we think you’d be a great fit for. Find out more: https://bit.ly/2MwwnaA

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