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Text Messaging Helped a Home Health Agency Grow 200%

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It gives SimpleTexting great pride that our easy-to-use platform benefits companies such as Behavioral Health Works, Inc. (BHW) that aid in the treatment for autism and related disorders.

Each of Behavioral Health Works’ programs shares the common goal of teaching individuals the tools necessary to obtain a better quality of life and lead a more independent one. They provide one-on-one care for patients with autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, and learning disabilities, just to name a few.

Behavioral Health Works sends about 10,000 SMS messages a month through SimpleTexting. Monte Lim, Operations Manager for the company, recently told us about the benefits they receive using the SimpleTexting platform:

“Due to the nature of our business, we need a reliable and quick method in which to engage in two-way conversations with our CARE team of therapists. When the unexpected happens, it is essential to our business to coordinate replacements in a very timely matter so we can provide a seamless transition to providing the necessary client care.

“SimpleTexting has been extremely helpful in finding a substitute therapist in these situations. With SimpleTexting’s easy-to-use online tool, we send out a mass text to the designated team of clinicians and usually in less than 5 minutes we coordinate a replacement.

“Our team of therapists finds SimpleTexting easy and convenient, as it keeps the interface simple with one or two clicks to provide a response rather than having to navigate through a series of online pages.

“SimpleTexting has made Behavioral Health Works’ clinical services seamless to our clients. With the community we serve, having a minimal interruption to their continuity of care is very important. With this platform, our customers don’t even know when one of our therapists cancels. With the expediency in which we can identify a replacement and communicate to the customers that we have a new therapist to cover for their current one, we can continue to provide our important services to our clients.

“Since we began to use SimpleTexting, our business has grown more than 200%. As the platform scales very easily, SimpleTexting has enabled us to scale efficiently and effectively to continue engaging with our employees in a simple two-way communication platform. We look forward to continuing to use SimpleTexting.”

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