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How Long Does It Take Tech CEOs to Earn Your Salary?

Want to know how long it would take for tech CEOs to earn your salary? The SimpleTexting team built a calculator where users can find out. Check it out!


Leaders at top-performing tech companies are well-known for their grit, resilience, and innovation, but they are also known for their lucrative professions.

We ran the numbers, and as of 2019, fifteen of the most generously-compensated tech CEOs in the U.S. have a combined annual income of over 83 billion dollars. We calculated annual income from SEC filings by collecting the sum of each CEO’s base salary, annual cash bonuses, annual stock awards (or earnings from equity), and other forms of compensation. 

For a true frame of reference for how much these billionaire CEOs actually earn, the SimpleTexting team has built a calculator where users can input their individual salaries and expenses to see how quickly moguls, like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Susan Wojcicki, earn them or pay them off. Also, we highlight how much these CEOs earn per year, per day, per hour, and per minute. 

To see where you stand, simply choose a CEO and expense type from the drop-down menu. Then, input either your annual salary, your total outstanding mortgage payment, or your total outstanding student loan debt to uncover how long it will take these high-profile tech CEOs to earn your salary or pay off your expenses. 

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Alfredo Salkeld

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