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Whether you've used text marketing before or not, there's always unexplored possibilities when it comes to features. Find out which one you should try!

Image for Crisis Text Messaging Line Saves Lives

Crisis Text Messaging Line Saves Lives

Text Messaging Saves Lives Over 10 million people have reached out to the Crisis Text Line since its official establishment in 2013. Though this number may sound staggering to some, it wouldn’t be to the resource’s primary users: teenagers, who regularly use their phones to send between 2,000 and 4,000 text messages per month. The overwhelming […]

Image for 43% of Drivers Ignore No-Texting Laws

43% of Drivers Ignore No-Texting Laws

At, we’re always interested in finding out about how and where people are using their phones to send and receive text messages. One of the most controversial times for people to text is while driving. To find out how often people are texting while driving, we conducted a study among 500 individuals that admitted […]

How Text Messaging Is Being Used in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign

If you’ve been a longtime observer of politics and text messaging, you might have heard about Barack Obama’s historic text in 2008, announcing he had chosen his vice-presidential candidate. Obama’s text message was hailed as a landmark moment in politics and technology, and analysts observed a connection between Obama’s use of technology and his support from younger […]

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Image for How to Create a Unique Brand Voice in SMS Text Messaging

How to Create a Unique Brand Voice in SMS Text Messaging

Crafting a brand voice is important for all businesses, but how do you create a memorable voice in just 160 characters? Although SMS marketing software messages may be shorter than email marketing campaigns and other business writing, you still want to create a unique tone to engage your consumers. Check out these tips to learn […]

Image for How MSNBC Uses SMS Marketing

How MSNBC Uses SMS Marketing

How are businesses and news outlets using SMS marketing today? The possibilities with text marketing are virtually endless, but one of the most popular features is to send customized alerts to subscribers. Interested in hearing about the latest current events the moment they happen? With text message marketing, now you can. Most of America’s leading news sources, like ABC News and […]