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A Statement on Ukraine

How we’re supporting colleagues affected by the invasion of Ukraine.

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For customers and competitors alike, we make no secret of our international team. We are incredibly proud of our colleagues; they’re the heart of SimpleTexting.

When circumstances arise such as the global pandemic, or the invasion of Ukraine, it is our responsibility as an international company to support those affected as best we’re able. As part of the Sinch team, we are working together to strategize how best to support our colleagues in the region and, more broadly, the people of Ukraine.

Please see below an overview of our current strategy, and the actions we have taken so far.

Safety and Security of Our Colleagues

First and foremost, our primary goal is to try and ensure the safety of our team members in the region. We have taken a number of actions, including:  

  • Providing additional financial support, where possible, to our team members in Ukraine as they work to secure safety for themselves and their families. 
  • Continuing conversations with the affected team members to understand if there is any additional support that we can provide. 
  • Consulting a professional advisor experienced in relocation, visas and communication with local authorities. 
  • Supporting team members and their families who have already relocated.   

Global Approach and Sanctions Implementation 

We believe that the best way to contribute to the ending of conflict in the region is by following the implementation of global sanctions that have been imposed on Russia by government bodies. 

As such we are now analyzing and acting upon:   

  • All mandatory sanctions.
  • Any customers, suppliers, or partners cited in the sanctions and ceasing business with them immediately.
  • Where and how to turn off access to platforms or services as necessary. 

Team Member Hotline Support 

In addition to providing individual support to those in Ukraine, we also want to provide a clear path for all team members to request support for themselves or their families who are affected by the conflict.

All employees have been provided with points of contact should they, or people they know, need support. 

Financial Support

Beyond our colleagues and their families, we recognize that countless lives are being upended as this war unfolds, and we want to support those most in need.  

With this in mind, Sinch has launched a ‘“company match” campaign to a non-profit organization supporting the people of Ukraine. Employees have the opportunity to donate, and Sinch will match donations up to $100,000. SimpleTexting itself has donated $10,000 to this effort. 

There Is No Easy Answer, But We Can Contribute Together

For those in Ukraine, there’s no easy solution. We remain hopeful that the combined efforts of businesses, governments and individuals around the world will bring this conflict to an end.


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