How a church board member saves hours every week on event invites

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With a budget-friendly texting service, Norma Tavarez spends less time on her church’s communications and more time developing programs and events for its members.

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Iglesia de Restauración Cristiana is a religious nonprofit organization in North Brunswick, New Jersey that aims to help young people and families live a faith-based, drug-free life.

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For board member Norma Tavarez, keeping church members who don’t use social media or email informed involved time-consuming phone calls each week.

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Norma saves hours each week on event invites and reminders with SimleTexting’s affordable mass texting app.

The challenge: Spending too much time on phone calls before events

As a board member of a nonprofit organization, Norma Tavarez manages a full load of responsibilities, especially when it comes to organizing events.

It’s her job to invite and remind church members about upcoming events and programs. But with a group of around 50 to 60 people who don’t use email or social media regularly, Norma had to spend a significant amount of time calling these members individually.

Norma estimates that she made two or three calls every day, which could easily add up to hours of time she could have spent on other important tasks. 

The solution: Sending event invites from an affordable mass texting platform

After looking for a way to solve the religious organization’s communication problem, Norma came across SimpleTexting. She was impressed with its affordable pricing, which was ideal for their limited budget as a nonprofit. 

Now, instead of individually calling church members each day, Norma schedules mass text campaigns to invite and remind church members about upcoming events. 

Scheduling a church event reminder in SimpleTexting's mass texting platform
Scheduling an event text message invite in SimpleTexting’s SMS platform.

If someone has a question or comment about a campaign, she can respond directly from her inbox using two-way messaging.

Plus, Norma can share flyers and photos from events using MMS messaging to encourage attendance and keep the church’s members engaged.

The results: Saving hours each week on event communications and boosting attendance

For Norma, the most tangible ROI she’s experienced from using SimpleTexting is the hours she saves each week on event outreach. This valuable time can now be spent on improving the church’s programs and events. 

“What you have done for me is that you have saved me a lot of time. And for me, that has been the most return on investment.”
Norma Tavarez

Norma Tavarez

Board member, Iglesia de Restauración Cristiana

As a result, Norma says event attendance has grown and church members are more engaged with their programs, making SimpleTexting an invaluable return for the money.

Inside Norma’s texting strategy

Norma highly recommends SimpleTexting for anyone looking for a way to communicate effectively with their clients, team, or members. 

To save time and boost event attendance, Norma used several of SimpleTexting’s tools:

1. Mass text campaigns

At the beginning of each month, Norma spends a couple of hours scheduling weekly updates, event invites, reminders, and follow-ups in her SimpleTexting dashboard. 

Scheduling a church event reminder campaign in SimpleTexting’s mass texting platform
Composing a church event text message reminder in SimpleTexting’s mass texting platform.

MMS messaging

Norma uses MMS to share photos to keep members looking forward to upcoming events and church programs. MMS messages have the capacity for up to 1,600 characters and may include media attachments like images, videos, audio, GIFs, and PDFs.

Two-way messaging

When church members reply with questions or comments, Norma can respond directly in her SimpleTexting dashboard on desktop or mobile.

“Honestly, for me to be able to log in to one place, reach all of my members, and save time is the biggest return on investment that I can receive.”
Norma Tavarez

Norma Tavarez

Board member, Iglesia de Restauración Cristiana

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