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Best Mass Notification System for Churches

Learn more about mass notification systems and why text marketing software is a great solution for your church mass notification needs.

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No matter your denomination there’s one thing all churches have in common—community. And what matters more to any tight-knit community than strong connections?

Keeping your church community in the loop with timely, relevant, notifications brings parishioners closer, increases involvement, and boosts mass attendance.

With 90% of text messages read within 3 minutes, leverage the power of SMS for a smarter way to reach your audience.

What Is A Church Notification System?

Mass notification systems (MNS) are platforms of stored contact information that are equipped with the ability to send a message or notification to large groups at once. They can be used for both emergency communications as well as large group communications.

Many mass notification systems only work one-way. For emergencies only, this may cut it. But for a group with an emphasis on community conversations, it’s imperative to both send and receive messages in order to stay fully connected.

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Why Texting Is The Best Community System For Churches

When shopping around for the best mass church notification system, look for the following things:

  1. A way to send one messages to large groups of people at once
  2. A way for people to receive these messages without any additional downloads
  3. A system for sharing both written messages and photos
  4. The ability to send messages at specific times (either delivering immediately, or scheduling ahead)

At its most basic level, these four things ensure you have a way to reach people at just the right time through a channel they’re most likely to check in a timely fashion.

With some of the quickest open rates in the digital communications game, text marketing software offers a host of features that cater to each of the points above (and more)!

Reach Large Groups With One Message

With mass text message campaigns you can write one message and blast it out to your full, or partial, list of subscribers with one click. The messages will be delivered to each recipient individually (unlike a group message, where recipients can “reply all”) with the option for them to reply.

Hundreds of churches use this method of messaging to not only share bulk updates with their parish, but to communicate one-on-one with parishioners, volunteers, visitors, staff, and more!

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Send Messages Without An Extra App

Almost everyone has a cellphone, and just about every cellphone can receive text messages. While social media and email are great ways to share some information, they require the recipient to make some kind of download on their device.

Texting is native to each cellphone, meaning no additional steps are required for people to receive your messages. They just need to share their phone number, the rest is taken care of!

Share Text And Photos

While SMS messaging sends texts up to 160 characters, MMS messaging gives you the ability to text up to 1600 characters. MMS can also support photos, short videos, audio clips, and GIFs! With text marketing software, you can send both SMS and MMS messages.

Not only do visuals aids help make messages more memorable and engaging, they also give you the ability to communicate beyond the typical confines you may have associated with text messages of the past!

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Schedule Messages Ahead, Or Send Now

In the case of emergency or time-sensitive notifications, texts provide an excellent way to reach people quickly. For this reason it’s important to be able to send them at the drop of the hat. If you want to get ahead of your church’s communications however, it’s nice to have a system in place to schedule notifications ahead of time as well.

Church text marketing software gives you the best of both worlds!

What Else Can You Do With A Church Notification System?

Text notification systems can do more than just send out blasts. It could also be used to:

  • Send out event reminders leading up to your function
  • Connect with first-time visitors to find out about their experience and invite them to join you again
  • Send out daily or weekly devotions or worship lines
  • Facilitate prayer requests from your community 
  • Follow up with leads on church connection cards 

Church Notification System Case Studies

Hundreds of different religious organizations across the country utilize SMS church notification systems. To see how they’ve made it their own, check out some of our church success stories!

Want to see if our church texting service makes the right emergency notification system for your church? Give SimpleTexting a try for free for 14-days to test it for yourself! If you decide to move forward be sure to take advantage of our 15% discount for religious organizations. 

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