Why This Nonprofit Turned to Texts to Help Families and Children In Need

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Since 1982, Any Baby Can has helped thousands of families with children facing disabilities. Find out what role texting plays in keeping their organization running smoothly.

Any Baby Can is a nonprofit based in San Antonio, Texas. For over 30 years, they have served their community by helping families with children facing serious health issues. Their team, made up of over 38 people, provides a variety of services including autism safety training, case management, parent education workshops, nutrition classes, grief counseling services, and a prescription assistance program—to name a few.

Hundreds of people call Any Baby Can every week seeking assistance. How does their team manage to keep up with new requests while providing a high level of care for existing clients? We spoke to Jana Grohman, ABC’s Chief Operating Officer, to find out.

Finding a Better Way to Connect with Families

All of the case managers at Any Baby Can recently switched from landlines to cell phones and noticed that when they reached out to families by text, they received a much quicker response. That’s when they sought out a texting solution that could work at scale. They found SimpleTexting.

“We wanted to find a better way to stay connected to our families, not just with emails and phones calls,” explains Jana. “We noticed that even with phone calls we don’t get responses back.”

Any Baby Can of San Antonio has been using the same toll-free number since 2009. With SimpleTexting, they were able to text-enable it. Now, calls get routed to the individual cell phones, and text messages go directly to the SimpleTexting platform.

But how exactly does Any Baby Can use text messages to connect with families? What messages do they send? With such a wide variety of services, their team found many use cases.

Using our multi-user access feature, each program director was given their own login and can send out text campaigns as they need them. Here are a few other ways they’ve taken advantage of this new communication tool.

Streamlining Communication for the Case Management Program

Any Baby Can provides a nine-to-twelve month comprehensive support service for children diagnosed with an illness or disability. This can include assistance with medical equipment, transition skills such as cooking, guidance on how to maintain a budget, and more. With so many people who could benefit from this type of assistance, it was becoming a challenge to keep up with all of the incoming calls.

“We couldn’t get back to all of those calls in a time frame we were comfortable with because there were so many of them,” says Jana.

Now, the call logs are imported to the SimpleTexting platform. All potential clients receive a text message with a date when they can expect to hear back from Any Baby Can’s intake department.

Thank you for your interest in ABC! We will handle calls in the order they were received. You will receive 3 calls from Estella on Dec 7. It may delay services if you are unable to answer our call.

“It’s been so helpful in streamlining our services and making sure we can contact our families immediately.”

Reaching Clients in the Prescription Assistance Program

In addition to providing case management, Any Baby Can helps families who have no health insurance apply for free or low-cost prescription drugs. Using text messages, the team at ABC can send prescription reminder texts to make sure kids and their families are getting the medication they need.

Hi Johanna, This is the Prescription Assistance Program with ABC giving you a courtesy reminder you are due for a refill on medication(s).

Any Baby Can team members are able to export data from their systems and add it directly to SimpleTexting.

“Our staff caught on very quickly. They felt very comfortable with how to upload data.”


Sending Health and Wellness Reminders

Everybody deserves the chance to live a healthy life. Any Body Can is a group exercise and nutrition program designed specifically for people with unique learning abilities. Provided at no cost and led by a kinesiology expert, this program is a unique opportunity for families and children with disabilities to learn about healthy eating and fitness. Text messages are an effective way to remind participants about upcoming classes.

Alex, we will be at Harberger Park this evening for obstacle course activities at 6:30. See you there! No class TOMORROW for Halloween.

Sharing Event Invitations and More

Of course, Any Baby Can also hosts fun events for their families including birthday socials and holiday parties. SimpleTexting allows them to send out bulk texts to all the invitees and ask them to RSVP by clicking a link.

ABC invites you to our New Client Holiday Party! Click this link for details and to RSVP! https://txt.st/CKDLLL Hurry! Space is limited!

How to Get Involved with Any Baby Can

We’re proud and humbled that the team of Any Baby Can is able to make use of our platform to help serve their families. Any Baby Can provides a variety of ways to get involved. If you’re in the San Antonio area, consider becoming an ABC volunteer. You can find more info here.

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