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How To Reach Customers With Texts

How To Reach Customers With Texts

Learn the basics of how to turn customers into text message subscribers as well as the different methods of reaching them with your messages.

You take the time to draft up a stellar marketing message, meticulously craft some graphics to go along with it, then schedule the perfect time to send it. 

Only to be met with… crickets. 

We get it. It’s frustrating to feel like you’re talking to an empty room when you have contact lists full of customers to connect with. 

But what if there was a way to break through that invisible barrier that seems to keep customers from engaging with your marketing messages? 

You’d probably jump on the opportunity, right? 

The good news is that we’ve got your anecdote. 

And in this article, we’ll share all of our secrets for actually reaching your customers. From how to get their attention to all the different ways to reach them where they’re really spending their time. 

So, let’s get to it!

6 Ways to Reach Customers With Your Texts

Text messages have a 98% open rate, and engagement rates six to eight times higher than what’s normally achieved via email marketing. 

When it comes to sending messages that actually get heard, texting is the clear solution.

Here are six simple ways to turn customers into text message subscribers.

1. Keywords

Keywords are short words or phrases that can be texted in to your phone number or short code to sign up for future messages.

If you’re unfamiliar, short codes are 5 or 6-digit, industry-specific, text-enabled phone numbers common amongst text marketers.

For example, in this photo above from Delta Sonic, SUPERKISS would be the keyword and 555888 would be the short code.

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Keywords work best with short codes, but they also work with text-enabled toll-free numbers and 10-digit landlines.

2. Web Forms

Using our Web Sign-Up Forms, you can let website visitors subscribe to your text marketing campaigns by entering their information and simply clicking Subscribe Now. No web development skills required, just copy and paste our pre-written code right onto your site!

3. Click-to-Text Button

Add a click-to-text button to your site that launches in your customer’s native text messaging app with a pre-written message. Like our web forms, no extra coding is required to add this tool to your site. Simply customize the text you want users to text in, and embed our pre-written code right into your site.

4. Mobile Sign-Up Widget

Make it unbelievably easy for website visitors to sign up for your text messages with a mobile sign-up widget. Copy and paste a simple button onto your website and watch it automatically pop up when a mobile visitor to your site gives it a click.

5. Upload Existing Contacts

Already have a list of customers who have permitted you to text them? You can upload them directly to our platform. Just be sure you have their first name, last name, and mobile phone number formatted in an excel sheet, and you’re good to go!

6. Checkboxes on Registration Forms

Do you already collect customer phone numbers as part of your registration or sign-up process? You can add a checkbox asking for permission to text that person right to your form and presto—you have a compliant contact you can upload directly into your text marketing platform.

💡 SimpleTexting Tip: Compliance refers to the rules and regulations of the text marketing world. You can read more about it here. Please note that this advice is for informational purposes only and is neither intended as nor should be substituted for consultation with appropriate legal counsel and/or your organization’s regulatory compliance team.

How to Text Customers

Now that you know how to collect more subscribers, it’s time to determine how you want to reach them.

How you choose to reach your customers depends on three things:

  1. How many customers you want to reach at once
  2. How quickly you want to reach them
  3. If you want them to respond


If you want to reach a large group of people at once, you’ll need to send a campaign, also known as a mass text.

Campaigns are meant to…

  • Deliver a message to one or thousands in just minutes
  • Drive sales quickly
  • Gather customer feedback in bulk
  • Serve as a tool for internal, company-wide communications


If you want to reach customers hours, days, or weeks after they’ve subscribed to your text list, autoresponders are the perfect tool. 

They have it all in the name—automatically send messages when a customer takes a specific action without any need for manual intervention.

Autoresponders can be set up to send after a customer texts in a keyword or, thanks to Zapier, when they complete an action in a third party app like Shopify or your CRM system. 

With autoresponders you can…

  • Send surveys or feedback requests after purchases
  • Follow up or stay in contact with leads as soon as they enter your sales funnel 
  • Send reminders before an event
  • Check-in with inactive customers
  • Send abandoned shopping cart reminders
  • Share shipping updates
  • And more!

Two-Way Messaging

Finally, if you just need to reach one individual contact, you can text them one-on-one from your inbox.

We call this two-way messaging, and it can either be in response to a customer’s message or, if you’re texting from a toll-free number, you can directly reach out to your contact first.

Two-way texting is known for…

  • Improving customer satisfaction thanks to the individualized experience it delivers
  • Providing customer service or support
  • Sharing documents, photos, and PDFs

For Shower Door Experts, two-way SMS is a tool for providing quotes to customers and reaching out to new leads with offers.  

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How to Use Text Message Marketing

You’ve collected your subscribers, you know how you want to reach them. Now, you’ll need to nail down why you’re sending them a message.

Outside of having a specific announcement you want to share with your followers, here are a few of the most common reasons businesses text their subscribers.

  • Sales: According to our research, 50% of consumers want texts from businesses about flash sales and promotions.
  • Product Launches: According to the same study, 1 in 4 customers like to receive information about product launches.
  • Collect Reviews: 9 out of 10 customers read reviews before deciding to make a purchase. There can never be too many customer reviews, and SMS is one of the easiest ways to collect it!
  • Recruitment: An estimated 70% of job seekers use mobile devices as they consider their next career move! Sending texts along the interview process can be a great way to keep prospects engaged.

And just like that, you’re ready to rock your newfound subscribers with the perfect text at just the right time.

Want to test these methods out for yourself? Try us free for 14-days and see for yourself!

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