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Text-2-Win Sweepstakes

Engage Your Customers with an SMS Sweepstakes

Contests are a classic way to attract new customers and drive engagement, and Text-2-Win sweepstakes are a modern take on this form of marketing. Just ask customers to text a keyword to 555888 to enter the sweepstakes. They’ll receive a confirmation message and be added to your subscriber list. SimpleTexting automates the whole contest process for you.

Setting Up a Text-2-Win Sweepstakes Campaign

After logging in to SimpleTexting, go to Apps > Text-2-Win > Add contest. Enter a campaign name for your own reference and select the keyword you’d like to use. You can also add users through a web form, or manually, if desired.

Then, choose your auto-confirmation message and specify the number of winners. If necessary, you can also add age verification, which will require users to respond with their age to be enrolled.

Screenshot of Text-2-Win SMS sweepstakes form in SimpleTexting dashboard

Don’t worry about digging through all the entrants to select the winner(s)—SimpleTexting has a random selection process built in to handle that part for you!

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