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How to Enable Call Forwarding on Your SimpleTexting Number

How to Enable Call Forwarding on Your SimpleTexting Number

Bring all your channels together. Here's how to make phone calls and send text messages from one dedicated business number.

SimpleTexting lets you send and receive messages using local, toll-free, or VoIP numbers. But what if part of your communication strategy includes placing phone calls, too? No problem. It’s possible to use one number for SMS and voice. We’ll walk you through it.

1. Acquire Your Phone Number(s)

If you already have a business number you’d like to use, skip this step. We can text-enable your existing landline or VoIP number. Don’t have a number yet? Read on.

We set up every new SimpleTexting account with a dedicated toll-free number, and the option to switch to a local number or short code. However, these cannot be voice-enabled. If you plan on receiving calls and texts on one line, you must acquire a number from a third-party. We recommend because:

  • There are no setup costs or contracts
  • Inbound and outbound calling are included
  • You can forward calls to any device
  • Custom caller ID is automatically included

Ready to get a number for texting and calling? Use the widget below.

After your purchase, you will receive an email from AVOXI with your call forwarding system’s login instructions. This is where you can customize your call forwarding rules, set custom greetings, and more.

2. Reach Out to SimpleTexting Support

Once you have an active phone number, the next step is for our team to connect it to your SimpleTexting account. Send an email to [email protected] with the number(s) you’d like added to your account. Better yet, start a conversation with us now using the chat bubble at the corner of your screen!

This process usually takes less than 24 hours and involves three main steps:

  • Verifying ownership: We can do this by calling the number and verifying it’s you. Alternatively, you can provide your receipt from AVOXI (or whatever third-party vendor you decided to move forward with).
  • Completing the letter of agreement: After ownership has been verified, we’ll ask you to complete a short form agreeing to our terms and conditions.
  • Text-enabling the number: No further action is required from you. We’ll work our magic and give your number SMS powers!

As soon as it’s ready, we’ll contact you. If you’ve already started using SimpleTexting with a different number, your data and messages will be totally safe. The only difference is that all future texts will appear from your new number.

3. Bask in the Glory of Omnichannel

Done! You’re ready to reach your audience using both calls and SMS. Messages will appear in your inbox, and calls will be routed according to your AVOXI settings.

We recommend including this info in your outgoing messages. In other words, let customers know they can contact you however they’d prefer!

Today 11:34 AM
Hi Tyler, this is Bree. Just wanted to see if you had any questions about today’s demo. Feel free to text or call me at this number.

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