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The 5 best Twilio alternatives to send SMS texts for small and midmarket businesses

I reviewed Twilio MessagingX capabilities along with several other alternative platforms. Here’s what I discovered.

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Twilio MessagingX is a powerful omnichannel platform with publishing abilities for SMS, MMS, in-app chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Google’s Business Messages.

However, a significant downside Twilio’s customers report is customer service miscommunications and delays that cause a lot of frustration.

“I believe that Twilio could have been clearer and more proactive in their communication.” –John P. via G2

At SimpleTexting, we’ve seen a trend of past Twilio customers beginning discussions with our sales team largely due to these frustrations, among others.

That’s why we’re publishing some basic information with a shortlist of Twilio alternatives to help you in your transition for SMS text messaging.

The 5 best Twilio MessagingX alternatives for SMS and texting at small and midmarket businesses

  1. SimpleTexting for small business mass texting and employee/customer notifications
  2. Podium for local small business review generation and customer communications
  3. MessageMedia for midmarket global bulk SMS and mobile marketing pages
  4. MessageBird Omnichannel for midmarket omnichannel message pushes and conversational interactions
  5. Sinch Messaging for consolidating all cloud communications through a single provider

Here’s a read-only spreadsheet with full profiles on each company. This is essentially a different view of the information here that you could copy/paste and modify for your procurement purposes.

How I evaluated the Twilio alternatives for this shortlist

This list is not written by AI. It’s not researched by AI. I personally reviewed the tools in this list to curate, review, and write this piece.

My intention here is to provide a “research report” of sorts all in one place so you don’t have to scour the internet for information to understand the differences of these platforms or build a business case of your own.

In addition, many of the resources I saw for Twilio alternatives focused on the largest view of the comprehensive Twilio platform. I was mainly curious about texting capabilities because that is what our sales team discovered as a need for past Twilio MessagingX customers who are researching their options.

SimpleTexting serves a wide variety of business sizes, use cases, and industries. Many of our customers fit into the categories of small business and small- and medium-size enterprises (or midmarket).

Therefore, this research and shortlist of Twilio alternatives is focused on this potentially underserved segment that is interested in simple solutions to send mass texts and communicate with customers (or other audiences) via back-and-forth text message threads.

While I wrote this content, all pros and cons are based on actual customer reviews from G2, Capterra, Trustpilot, and Software Advice (among other aggregate websites). Certain elements come directly from these brands’ websites, like the positioning statements, use cases, and feature sets.

My goal is to curate research from many different sources — to provide robust product profiles no other source can provide as holistically — and give you a different and unique perspective to vet your business texting platform options.

Twilio MessagingX: Best for multi-channel brand message unification

Twilio MessagingX product page

Twilio MessagingX bills itself as an omnichannel platform with publishing abilities for SMS, MMS, in-app chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Google’s Business Messages.

  • Product positioning statement: Build deeper customer relationships at scale with a messaging platform based on trust, quality, and choice.
  • Pricing model: Pay per individual message only for channels you use
  • Base cost for SMS: $0.0079 per message
  • Best for: Multi-channel brand message unification
  • Locations: Global SMS messaging
  • Buyer: Developer, technical leadership
  • Primary business target: Enterprise

Standout features

  • Programmable messaging API
  • Conversations API

Use cases

  • Notifications for appointments and deliveries
  • Verifications for one-time passwords
  • Marketing promotions and offers
  • Conversational texting for support and sales


  • Extremely customizable for nearly any use case
  • Scalable beyond a single SMS channel to other platforms
  • Higher than average message delivery rates

Curated review:

“Twilio allows programmers to effortlessly create and release new forms of communication. Twilio provides a number of application programming interfaces (APIs), software development kits (SDKs), and libraries for adding telephony functionality to software. It also offers a variety of ways to get in touch, including phone, text, video, and electronic mail, so that each user’s experience can be tailored to their own needs.”

Suzi L., Project Manager, via Capterra


  • Customer service is slow and may be unhelpful, notably with 10-digit long code (10DLC) registration
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing can be expensive for businesses with high messaging volumes
  • Advanced features require technical expertise for configuration

Curated review:

“[R]recent regulation changes concerning SMS and phone numbers have brought some challenges to light. […] I was initially reassured by Chris from support that all was in order on my end. Unfortunately, a few days later, I experienced disruptions with the SMS alerts from my app. […] I engaged with their support […], I’m still awaiting a comprehensive solution. […] [A]s an infrastructure application, I believe it’s paramount for them to offer responsive and insightful support. Addressing issues promptly can significantly mitigate the downstream impact on customers like myself.”

John P., Marketing Assistant, via G2


Software Advice4.5/5400


Omni: Twilio MessagingX doesn’t focus on any one specific industry. Three core industries Twilio targets on their website include:

  • Software
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare

1. Best for small business mass texting and employee/customer notifications: SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting’s homepage

SimpleTexting is an intuitive SMS service that works well for mass texting, business texting, and automated texting use cases, among others.

  • Product positioning statement: SimpleTexting makes it fast, easy, and affordable to send SMS marketing campaigns and engage in 1-on-1 conversations.
  • Pricing model: Subscription-based model starts at $29/month for 500 credits (1 SMS/credit)
  • Base cost for SMS: $0.058 per message
  • Best for: Mass texting for marketing promotions and employee/customer notifications
  • Locations: United States and Canada
  • Buyer: Business owner, marketing, people ops
  • Primary business target: Small- and medium-size businesses

Standout features

  • Text-to-join, -vote, and -win keywords
  • Two-way conversational texting
  • Autoresponders and automated text messages

Use cases

  • Mass text marketing promotions and campaigns
  • Employee, recruiting, and patient communications
  • Text blast notifications for events, schedule changes, and reminders
  • Automated and scheduled texts for appointment confirmations, order ready, etc.


  • Simple interface makes onboarding efficient with fast speed to value
  • Customer service is responsive, helpful, and available 7 days/week
  • Integrations and API enable a variety of texting use cases
  • 10DLC registration process is quick with most instances activated within a day

Curated review:

“We had tried three options simultaneously and picked SimpleTexting because it has so many integrations that are easy to use. We are able to do giveaway contests, collect data, it integrates with our email software – really, they are the pros and have figured out what most clients need from the start.”

Shelby R., Marketing Manager, via Capterra


  • Not suited for global use cases (only available in U.S. and Canada)
  • Many integrations are available but require a Zapier subscription
  • Very complex or advanced automated journeys and flows may require integrations

Curated review:

“The only thing I’d say I ‘dislike’ is that because it’s not our only means of communication with our audience, we have to set up automations or manually enter a contact’s info. The text to join is helpful, however we don’t rely on that since we’d rather use one sign up form where they can check off which options they’d like to ‘opt-in’ to.”

Kat U., Co-founder, via G2


Software Advice4.5/5237


Omni: SimpleTexting doesn’t focus on any one specific industry. Three core industries SimpleTexting targets on their website include:

  • Real estate
  • Nonprofit
  • Franchise

💡 Twilio vs. SimpleTexting: A Twilio alternative

2. Best for local small business review generation and customer communications: Podium

Podium’s homepage

Podium enables a multi-channel platform to take phone calls, chat on websites, send texts, take payments via text, and generate reviews from texts.

  • Product positioning statement: Manage all of your communication—from reviews to calls to text marketing, payments, and more—with Podium.
  • Pricing model: Subscription-based model starts at $249/month for online reviews, website chat, text marketing, and payment processing
  • Base cost for SMS: N/A
  • Best for: Review generation and customer communications
  • Locations: Global
  • Buyer: Local business owners
  • Primary business target: Small- and medium-size businesses

Standout features

  • Online review generation via text messages 
  • Text to web chat customer service
  • Text to pay options

Use cases

  • Online reputation management
  • Customer service and sales support
  • Payment requests and processing
  • Text marketing promotions, deals, and coupons


  • Review features are built-in with no workarounds
  • Payment request texts get attention fast
  • Customer service capabilities include calls, texts, and more

Curated review:

“One place, multiple platforms combine. Appointment Center Reps do not need to check multiple dashboards, log in to multiple sites. It is all very transparent who sent what, saw what, etc. There are sites that are cheaper but we like the simplicity of this one. We can text customers and employee, create templates for consistent messaging, request reviews, NPS, all in one place. We know there are additional products available such as payments on Podium that we choose not to use. There is more that can be done with it than we need.”

Brittney G., Marketing Manager, via Capterra


  • You pay for access to many channels even if you don’t use them
  • If you have a payments platform, now you’ll manage another
  • Bulk message limits are rather small with 100 on base plan

Curated review:

“My biggest disappointment was paying extra to send text promotions to all my contacts. They cap your promotional messages at a low number without paying extra. I don’t believe this was made clear in the sales presentation.”

Grant L., Small Business Owner, via G2


Software Advice4.5/5473


Omni: Podium doesn’t focus on any one specific industry. Three core industries Podium targets on their website include:

  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Home services

3. Best for midmarket global bulk SMS and mobile marketing pages: MessageMedia

MessageMedia’s homepage

MessageMedia is a proven leader in mass texting, conversational SMS, triggered drips, and several unique use cases like texting links to customizable, branded salespages all created within its robust platform.

  • Product positioning statement: Connect with customers via the channel of their choice – SMS, social, and 85+ integrations. All via our easy-to-use messaging platform.
  • Pricing model: Subscription-based model starts at $49/month for 1,000 SMS
  • Base cost for SMS: $0.0490 per message
  • Best for: Global bulk SMS and mobile marketing pages
  • Locations: Global
  • Buyer: Leadership, marketing
  • Primary business target: Small- and medium-size enterprise (midmarket)

Standout features

  • Customizable, rich mobile landing pages
  • Chatbox to SMS for web chats on customers’ mobile devices
  • Email to SMS to turn emails into text messages

Use cases

  • Send mass texts and bulk SMS campaigns to reach large groups
  • Customer service website chat conversations with prospects and customers via SMS on their mobile devices
  • Text links to personalized, trackable mobile landing pages (no need for developer assistance)
  • Trigger text messages from CRM and ERP activities


  • Integrations with popular CRM, ERP, and marketing tools empower robust triggers to text (also includes API)
  • Customers say the platform enables easy, fast onboarding with a user-friendly interface
  • Customer reviews suggest conversational, one-on-one texting is an exceptional use case for Sinch MessageMedia

Curated review: “We love how easy the platform is to use. From creating a new message to reviewing reports, all areas are user friendly and easy to navigate. I love the helpful hints like the character count that helps us stay within a budget. Overall great platform to use and the support is amazing. I love the documentation that is available with easy to follow directions.”

Aysha A., Service Delivery Manager, via Capterra


  • Refreshing the application ensures work put in doesn’t get lost
  • There has been a learning curve for some customers with the pricing and credit model
  • Customer service has seen some mixed reviews of slow yet very helpful

Curated review: “I believe it could us more robust MMS capabilities from the web app inbox, such as being able to paste an image from the clipboard directly into the chat box. I also think the API documentation while generally good, lacks a few specifications. For instance, I can no longer find documentation for the “/v1/reporting/” end point in the developer portal. It was there at one point as we have this endpoint built into our system to calculate usage, but it appears to be removed. We are maintaining this a bit blind now.”

Justin G., Chief Operating Officer, via Capterra


Software Advice4.5/523


Omni: MessageMedia doesn’t focus on any one specific industry. Three core industries MessageMedia targets on their website include:

  • Retail
  • Ecommerce
  • Financial services

4. Best for midmarket omnichannel message pushes and conversational interactions: MessageBird Omnichannel

MessageBird’s homepage

MessageBird consolidates many channels with a single platform to send and receive messages. Channels include SMS, WhatsApp, email, mobile push, Messenger, Google Business Messages, and Instagram Direct.

  • Product positioning statement: Application software and APIs to automate and personalize every touchpoint with your customer across SMS, Voice & WhatsApp.
  • Pricing model: À la carte simple, flexible pricing to pay only for the messages and interactions you need but requires sales conversations for quotes
  • Base cost for SMS: $0.0071 per message for United states
  • Best for: Omnichannel message pushes and conversational interactions
  • Locations: Global
  • Buyer: Customer experience lead, marketing lead, developer
  • Primary business target: Small- and medium-size enterprise (midmarket)

Standout features

  • Inbox combines all channel interactions in a single source for customer support
  • SMS is designed for high-volume senders
  • Email is customizable and likely good for robust, complex marketing

Use cases

  • Customer service across many communications channels
  • Brand message unification with omnichannel experiences
  • Marketing automation for WhatsApp, Email, SMS and more
  • AI-powered chatbots on channels like WhatsApp, SMS, and Instagram


  • No code options make automation setup less technical
  • API allows for complex integrations and automations
  • Packaging could allow for easy starting and expansion with a single tool

Curated review:

“Message bird has an impressive yet simple user interface, which allows you to configure all the necessary aspects to integrate Whatsapp, social network messaging and text messages. It has a very useful administration panel that allows you to easily understand where to go to execute any action, from flow configuration to message automation.”

Jesus G., Growth Hacker, via G2


  • Understanding pricing and packaging is confusing and lacks transparency
  • Basic customer service is free but there is a fee for greater support
  • API configuration is difficult and response times are slow

Curated review:

“The development of new features is slow compared to other market-established products. The product is so unstable that we could barely go a week without an outage on one of the channels. The introduced support plans were more costly than the one we subscribed to! That’s why we left.”

Baker A., Product Manager, via G2


Software Advice4.5/5135


Omni: MessageBird doesn’t focus on any one specific industry. Three core industries MessageBird targets on their website include:

  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • On-demand

5. Best for consolidating all cloud communications through a single provider: Sinch Messaging

Sinch’s Messaging APIs product page

Sinch covers all communications needs for text messaging, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and more. Voice, email, and verification offerings make it a complete customer communications cloud.

  • Product positioning statement: Send personal, secure messages directly to your customers on their favorite channels, with cloud-based messaging services from Sinch.
  • Pricing model: Custom pricing, based on specific requirements and usage
  • Base cost for SMS: N/A
  • Best for: Consolidating all cloud communications through a single provider
  • Locations: Global
  • Buyer: Technical, senior leadership
  • Primary business target: Enterprise

Standout features

  • Conversation API connects multiple channels with one integration
  • Standalone Messaging APIs are available for secure cloud-based single channel needs
  • SMS Verification secures your customer journey while increasing conversions and reducing churn

Use cases

  • All-in-one messaging across every mobile channel
  • Send messages to your customer’s inbox, letting them engage on their own terms
  • Personalize unique content for each individual customer
  • Automated messages to engage customers consistently


  • Business’s customers enjoy communicating in their preferred channels and methods
  • Mass messaging and individual conversations for many channels come together within a single provider
  • It’s easy to start with fewer channels and expand use to continually grow your business

Curated review:

“It has provided us with the best functions so that all our clients can connect with us easily and simply, implementing through a mobile phone is very easy, it has allowed us to create completely personalized communications, and attract more people by doing our online marketing.”

Julio L., IT Project Manager, via G2


  • With a broad platform comes a learning curve for user experience
  • Some customers have had miscommunication with sales and support
  • Custom pricing and tiering can be confusing

Curated review:

“The different services Sinch offers can often feel disjointed or completely siloed. Getting access to additional services can be a bit of a hassle with lots of meetings and paperwork to sign. Additionally, we’ve had our previous account reps really drop off the map with support after getting us to sign on for additional services, requiring several email follow ups to get access to their technical resources for help getting started.”

Verified User, Internet, via G2


Software AdviceN/AN/A


Omni: Sinch doesn’t focus on any one specific industry. Three core industries Sinch targets on their website include:

  • Financial
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
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