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7 Attention-getting Mother’s Day Text Templates for 2023

Use these texts to craft “Happy Mother’s Day” texts that drive more sales and keep your customers engaged.

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Mother’s Day is around the corner and, as a business owner, you know what that means: Your customers are scrambling to find the perfect gift for the moms in their life. 

It may not be Christmas or New Year’s, but Mother’s Day is still a very important holiday for businesses. Spending on Mother’s Day was expected to reach over $31 billion in 2022, which represents a 13% increase from 2021.

And you’re not the only business that knows all this, so you’ll need a way to set your brand apart and reach your customers effectively.

With 98% open rates and conversion rates up to 45%, I’d recommend texting (surprise).

But I also know that you’re busy, so I’ll give you eight ready-made templates for Mother’s Day marketing messages so you can hit “send” and start driving sales right away.


The Top 7 Mother’s Day SMS Templates for 2023

You came here for templates, so I’ll get right to it: Here are seven ready-made texts you can take and use in your own business this Mother’s Day.

The Sale Announcement

If you’re running a special sale on gifts Mom will love, make sure your customers know it. Send out an announcement a few days before your sale starts and let them know how they can take advantage.

Give a gift that the mothers in your life will remember — take up to 40% off our entire store at [link] through next week!

The Mother’s Day Gift

Do you run a business that serves mothers? Send them a little something special on their day in the form of a unique coupon code, discount, or offer for a free gift (if that sounds expensive, think of it as an investment in the lifetime value of your customers). 

Pro tip: Want to know how many moms you have on your text list(s)? Ask them with a data collection series and create a segment for them.

Happy Mother’s Day! We know how hard you work all year long for your loved ones, so claim a free spa set from us at [link] with code MOMSDAY23.

The Rewards Program

If you offer a rewards program for repeat customers, call attention to it by texting out an invitation to sign up and sweeten the deal with a Mother’s Day-specific perk.

Hey LifeFitness family! Join our F1T Rewards program this Mother’s Day and get a 20% discount on gifts for Mom (and gifts for you).

The Limited-time Sale Alert

I think we can all agree that fear of missing out (FOMO) is a powerful force in marketing, so don’t be afraid to put it to work. As your Mother’s Day sale draws to a close, text out a reminder that the deals are ending soon and encourage contacts to snag their gifts at a bargain.

Mother’s Day is almost here! Swing by our store at [link] before Sunday to make sure you take advantage of our biggest Mom’s Day sale before it’s over.

The Subscription Invitation

Got a subscription to sell? Encourage your contacts to give the gift that keeps on giving to their favorite mama this year.\

Why limit the love to Mother’s Day? Make sure the moms in your life know they’re valued all year long with a monthly self-care box full of our best pampering products! Sign them up at [link]

The BOGO Perk

Let’s be real: Your customers may want a little something for themselves as they browse for their Mother’s Day gifts, or maybe they want to match with Mom. Give them the opportunity with a buy-one-get-one deal.

Get two gifts for the price of one with our Mother’s Day BOGO exclusive! Check out our two-for-one deals on jewelry and accessories at [link]

The SMS Exclusive

On the subject of FOMO, one excellent way to keep your SMS contacts engaged and tuned into your messages is to make them feel like they’re getting deals that no one else has access to. 

When you send your Mother’s Day text deals out, highlight their exclusivity for a little added incentive. 

Pro tip: If you also reach your audience through emails, social media, ads, or another channel, let them know that you offer unique perks to your text list contacts.

Don’t tell…. Just for our text subscribers, we’re offering 60% off crafting supplies for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Use code MOMSDAYTEXT at [link] to grab the bargain!

Best Practices for Writing the Perfect Mother’s Day Text

With that, you’re well on your way to a Mother’s Day season full of sales. But before you start sending, here are a few guidelines to keep your texts successful.

  • Make the value clear. Be sure to include the tantalizing details of your sales and what customers can expect from them in your message (but stick to those details and keep your texts brief).
  • Include images. Show off your products and push more engagement by adding images or videos to your texts using MMS
  • Get consent to text. Cold texting is a big no-no, so keep your texts compliant with industry rules and regulations by asking your contacts for express written consent before you text them. 
  • Make sure your customers know about your text program. What good are expertly written texts if there’s no one to receive them? Show off a keyword that customers can use to sign up for your messages, or add a web form to your site to grow your text lists.

Make This the Best Mother’s Day Ever

Spring is full of opportunities for new growth, excitement, and — for you — business-boosting holidays like Mother’s Day.

Hopefully, with these templates and tips, you’re all set to start sending your best (and sweetest) campaigns yet.

Lily Norton
Lily Norton

Lily is a content marketing specialist at SimpleTexting. She specializes in making helpful, entertaining video content and writing blogs that help businesses take advantage of all that texting has to offer. When she’s not writing or making TikToks, you can find Lily at roller derby practice or in a yoga studio in the Seattle area.

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