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7 Car Service SMS Templates for Automated Reminders

Find out why SMS makes the best car service reminder tool as well as templates for several repair scenarios.

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On average, Americans go 6-8 years before purchasing a new car. A dramatic increase from the 3-4 year standard of the past.

In order to keep vehicles performing well enough to last year over year, regular maintenance is essential. Especially if drivers would rather invest minimally in maintenance as opposed to costly repairs when something goes wrong.

As auto service providers or car dealerships, a steady stream of maintenance/service appointments also stands to benefit your bottom line. 

So what better way to serve you and your customers than by setting up automated reminders to deliver right to customer’s cellphones? 

Why Send Car Service Reminders via Text Message?

Our recent text message marketing report found that 46% of respondents are open to receiving texts from businesses about scheduling reminders/alerts.

And thanks to SMS’ 98% open rate, it outperforms both email and phone calls as the most effective communication channel. 

Reminders are more than just a courtesy to your customers. They can also drastically cut down on the cost of missed appointments to the tune of thousands of dollars a year! 

There are a few different ways to send automated service reminders with SimpleTexting. From integrating your scheduling system with our app, to scheduling messages directly from your inbox. 

But to make it even easier, we’ve pre-written some templates to make scheduling car service appointments a breeze. 

💡 You can also check out our free SMS template generator for more ideas.

1. Scheduling an Appointment

In order to familiarize your customers with receiving text reminders, you may want to begin by inviting them to schedule their service appointments via text as well. This could be a manual message you send them directly, or a template like the one below with a link to your scheduling platform. 

Hi John, Nate from Boulder Auto here! I see you’re due for a 30,000 mile oil and filter change. We have some appointments available next week. Feel free to use this link to schedule yours directly!

2. Appointment Confirmation Text

The very first “reminder” after an appointment is made is often in the form of a confirmation text. Here, you’ll want to provide the customer with all the necessary details and instructions for the upcoming visit. 

Kim, thanks for scheduling your service at Boulder Auto at 8:30 AM on May 11, 2021. Please be sure to bring your ID and registry so we can perform your inspection! Reply to this text with any questions!

3. First Service Reminder

About a week out from the appointment you’ll want to send your first official reminder. This gives you enough time to fill the open space on your schedule if your customer has to cancel or reschedule their appointment. 

Roy, just a reminder your 60,000 mile service is coming up next week on 12/2/21. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please do so here: Otherwise, please reply “yes” to confirm.

4. 24-Hour Reminder

You’ll want to send your last pre-appointment reminder exactly 24-hours in advance of the service. This gives both you and your client enough time to adjust before it’s too late for them to make it. 

Hi Steven! We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at 9 am for your vehicle’s service at Boulder auto. Reply to this message with any questions!

5. Link to Add a Reminder to Calendar 

Another helpful tool to reduce no shows is to include a link in your texts that automatically adds a reminder to your calendar. With 70% of adults using mobile/digital calendars, this can be a solid way to assure your appointment stays on their radar. 

Kendra, thanks for scheduling your service at Boulder Auto at 8:30 AM on May 11, 2021. Use this link to automatically add a calendar reminder on your phone:

6. Service Follow Up

It’s worthwhile to consider how your post-appointment SMS strategy can work just as hard for you as your pre-appointment texts. For example, scheduling a thank you message to your customers that includes a link to leave a rating or review

Chris, thanks for coming in to Boulder Auto this morning. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your Kia! If you have a moment and wouldn’t mind letting us know your thought on your service today, it would go a long way!

7. Recall Appointment Scheduling 

Occasionally customers need to come into the shop to have their cars serviced outside of regularly scheduled maintenance. For instance, in the case of a recall. To provide the smoothest experience possible amidst this inconvenience, be proactive about scheduling appointments. 

Sandy, you may have received our message about the recall on your Honda’s rear brake pads. We are taking this issue very seriously and would like to have you in the shop free of charge to remedy the issue. Please respond back with when you’d like to come in for the repair and we’ll get you in the books.

To learn more about how texting can serve your auto body shop or dealership, check out this guide to SMS for vehicles. You can also give us a try for free for 14 days to see just how easy it is to set up an auto-reminder system like this!

Meghan Tocci
Meghan Tocci

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