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11 sales-boosting SMS templates for Nissan dealerships

We created 11 SMS templates to help you grow your Nissan dealership's sales and boost customer loyalty.

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Trying to get more car buyers to visit your Nissan dealership and make a purchase?

SMS is the perfect way to move prospects from first look to final sale in a way that’s quick, reliable, and convenient for both you and them. And you can almost guarantee they’ll see your message since texts have an average open rate of 98%.

Need some inspiration? Here are 11 text message templates that Nissan dealerships like yours have used to drive more sales.

1. Prospect follow-up

A quick response time is crucial for your customer relationships (and the sales that follow). So setting up a confirmation message that sends automatically when someone texts in your keyword to sign up for texts is a great way to make sure customers get a response instantly. Try this:

Thanks for reaching out to learn more about our new [vehicle model]! What questions can I answer for you as you look?

2. The service promo

The 2023 Deloitte Global Automotive Consumer Study found that consumers trust the dealer where they originally acquired or normally service their vehicle the most. What better way to keep the relationship going (and be top of mind when it’s time to purchase a new vehicle) than to provide quality after-purchase service?

Keep customers coming back to your dealership by making them feel like they’re getting the best deal possible when they bring their vehicles in for maintenance. Send out coupons and special offers through text to incentivize prospects to tune in to future messages. Try this:

Hello, [location] family! Don’t forget to bring in your vehicle for service before the end of the month to get a free filter change with your appointment.

Nissan dealership service promotion text message

3. The seasonal maintenance campaign

Send customers a text to let them know about your seasonal maintenance packages. Add in the details of the offer, how long it lasts, and a call to action to schedule their appointment.

Add a tire rotation or brake pad change to your Spring cleaning checklist! Our Spring maintenance package features 10% off all services, now through May 12th. Visit [link] to book your appointment today!

Nissan dealership seasonal maintenance text message

4. The appointment reminder

No-shows can be a big drain on your revenue and can lead to lost sales. Send customers a reminder ahead of their service or showroom appointment so they don’t forget to come in.

With no change in process other than adding one or two personalized reminders before an appointment, we’ve seen our customers’ attendance ratios jump by over 30%. Try this:

Hi [Name]! This is just a reminder that your maintenance appointment is this [date] at [time]. If you need to reschedule or cancel, feel free to call our office.

Nissan dealership appointment reminder text message

5. The personalized new model alert

If your customers have expressed interest in a particular model or type of vehicle during their search for a new car, sending them a well-timed message that calls attention to a model they might like (or have bought before) will help move them toward making a decision. 

You can group customers by their vehicle preferences using contact segmentation and send them personalized messages in a few clicks.

For example, since the Nissan Altima was the highest-selling model of 2022, you could segment customers who showed interest in it with an SMS campaign about the new 2023 model. Try this:

[Name], have you seen the new [vehicle model]? We’ve got several on the lot for you to test drive! When would be a good time to show them to you in person?

Nissan dealership new model alert text message

6. The feedback request

Reviews can make or break your future sales — seriously. According to BrightLocal, consumers read an average of 10 reviews before they feel they can trust a local business. 

Encourage customers to leave you glowing reviews that will bring customers in the door in the long term. Try this:

We’re so excited you found your perfect car, [name]! It would mean a lot to us if you would consider leaving us a review about your experience at [link].

Nissan dealership feedback request text message

7. The referral campaign

Over 42% of Nissan owners stick with the brand when it’s time for a new car. Customers with that level of brand loyalty are likely to recommend Nissan to friends and family.

Motivate them to refer others to your dealership with a text message referral campaign. Be sure to include the details of their reward and a call to action to get them started.

For more details about the referral program, you can direct them to a page on your website or — if you really want to catch their attention — attach a flyer using MMS messaging. Try this:

Hi [name]! As a thank you for trusting [location] with your last car purchase, we invite you to take advantage of our new referral program. We’ll send over a $50 gift card each time you refer a friend or family member who makes a purchase! Learn more: [link]

8. The trade-in campaign

Bring in more trade-ins and help clients upgrade their vehicles by sending out a text invitation to trade in their old model. Let them know about your best offers and help them schedule a consultation. Try this:

Trade in your old car today and get up to 10% above market value toward your next vehicle! You can schedule your free consultation at [link].

Nissan dealership trade-in campaign text message

9. The limited-time financing campaign

Call attention to any limited-time financing options you offer with a text. Be sure to highlight the best parts of your offer and ask recipients to visit your dealership to take advantage. Try this:

[Name], take the all new [Year, Model] home for only [monthly cost] for [lease duration]! Visit [location] for this year’s best rates.

Nissan dealership limited-time financing text message

10. The first-time car buyer campaign

Bring in first-time car buyers with an SMS campaign. Give them the basic information they need to know like any special offers, financing details, and a clear CTA to come to your location to browse.

Encourage people to sign up to receive your texts by advertising your custom keyword on social media, on flyers or posters, or anywhere else prospects may see it. Communicate the value of opting in to receive your texts, which in this case can be receiving special offers for first-time customers.

Buying your first car doesn’t have to be complicated. At [location], we’re committed to walking you through the process step by step, with special offers like $0 down on certain models and flexible financing options. When you’re ready to find your perfect car, visit [location] to check out our selection!

11. The event invitation

If you host events at your dealership, you can boost attendance with an SMS invite. Let your contacts know what’s in it for them if they attend (like giveaways and special deals), as well as the event date, time, and location.

Hi [Name]! It’s [Your name] at [Dealership]. We’re hosting [event name] on [date/time] at [location]. [Add a short description of what the event is and why they should attend]. Will I see you there?

There you go! Now that you are armed with all these great ideas, let’s get you started on finding the best SMS software for your dealership needs.

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