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SimpleTexting Introduces MMS Marketing

SimpleTexting Introduces MMS Marketing

MMS marketing lets you enhance your text campaigns with images, gifs, video, and audio. SimpleTexting now has this feature available for U.S. customers.

Hey, text message marketers—SimpleTexting now has MMS marketing available for all accounts!

MMS, which stands for Multimedia Messaging Service, is a standard for sending and receiving rich media content via text message. It’s usually referred to as MMS messaging, multimedia messaging, video messaging, or picture messaging.

Think of MMS as a souped-up version of SMS that features a couple of major improvements:

  • You can now write up to 1,600 characters instead of 160
  • You can now add rich media inside your texts instead of linking out to it

That second bullet point is especially important, and here’s why: People tend to respond really well to visual content. According to one study, MMS campaign opt-ins are 20% higher than SMS campaign opt-ins, and subscribers are eight times more likely to share MMS messages on social media.

It’s simple to send an MMS campaign. Just log in to our application, navigate to Messaging > New campaign, and select the MMS tab. Then, use the Media button located inside the main message field to select and upload your coupons, product images, audio greeting cards, welcome videos, cute kitten gifs, or other rich media.

Learn more about MMS Marketing services with SimpleTexting.

Are you ready to start adding some pep to your texts?

Try MMS marketing today.

No credit card, no obligations, no setup fee. Just a free 14-day trial inside a powerful new marketing platform.

Sign up for your free trial today.

P.S. MMS messages involve a lot more data than regular SMS messages, so they naturally cost more. At SimpleTexting, sending an MMS message requires 3 credits, whereas sending an SMS message requires 1 credit. View pricing plans.

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