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Interested in some help paying for college? Current high school seniors or college students can win a $1,000 college scholarship from SimpleTexting!

Want $1,000 for college? SimpleTexting can help make that happen.

For the 4th year in a row, SimpleTexting is offering a $1,000 College Scholarship for a deserving high school senior or current college student. If you are currently enrolled in college or headed there in 2018-19 and want to win a $1,000 college scholarship to help cover expenses, consider entering the SimpleTexting College Scholarship Contest. SimpleTexting will award a $1,000 college scholarship to a highly motivated student who can thoughtfully respond to the below prompt.

The Prompt:

Getting accepted to college is an emotional moment. You experience triumph, relief, joy, and accomplishment and, for most of us, it’s a moment we want to share. In 800 words or less, tell us who you texted first to let them know that you had been accepted to college and why it was important to share that moment with them.

How to Enter:

  • Answer the prompt above in 800 words or less.
  • The file name should be your full name and date of birth. Example: John-Doe-1-15-1995.docx.
  • Create a document in Google Docs and submit your response on this form. Make sure to change the settings on your Google Doc to allow anyone to view.
  • The file name of your Google Doc should be your full name and date of birth. Example: John-Doe-1-15-1995
  • Submission must be received by midnight on January 11, 2019.

Here’s How You Win:

  • Send us your response, following the guidelines above.
  • We will pick a winner by January 25, 2019, and notify you. (It’s subjective; we’re going to pick our favorite response.)
  • We will email you to confirm mailing address, and send you a check, or Visa gift card in the mail for $1,000.
  • We will announce the winner on our company blog.

To Be Eligible:

  1. You must be a graduating senior in high school or a freshman, sophomore, or junior in college in the US territories. If you’re within the Canadian territories, apply here instead.
  2. You must be graduating high school or in college and between the ages of 16 and 22.
  3. We reserve the right to verify the date of your high school graduation and/or college enrollment.
  4. Any and all content may be used in future SimpleTexting marketing.

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