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Templates to Help You Schedule Meetings Faster

Copy and paste these templates for automated solutions to all of your meeting scheduling woes. From interviews to internal comms, SMS provides a solution.

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In a recent TED talk, communications experts David Grady and Jason Fried noted that in the US, most employees attend 62 meetings a month!

In order to make this time as efficient as possible, you certainly don’t want to spend all your effort on schedules and logistics. Instead, why not use a few simple text messages to get everyone coordinated, meetings booked, and schedules distributed?

And if text message meeting invitations weren’t simple enough, we took the liberty of writing out five templates you can copy and paste.

5 SMS Meeting Templates

With SimpleTexting you can take any message and turn it into a template or duplicate. This allows you to save time by reusing your frequently sent messages, campaigns, inbox replies, autoresponders, and keyword confirmation messages.

And for any type of meeting you may encounter, these texts too can simply convert into a template with space for you to input any personalized details required!

1. Internal Team Meeting

One of the most common types of meetings you’ll run into are your run of the mill team meetings. The challenge here is in the variables. A meeting may be one-on-one, or involve 20 different people’s schedules! But no matter the obstacles you can still use one mass text to get your meeting planned.

When you utilize the polling feature, you make it easy for employees to respond with the best time for a collaboration.

Hey marketing team. Moving into Q3, please respond with when you would prefer to have our weekly standup:

A. Mornings 8-11

B. Afternoons 11-2

C. Evenings 2-5

2. External Meetings

Texting is just as effective for scheduling meetings with attendees outside your organization. You could easily use the template above with a recipient outside your organization, or take a different, more personalized approach. Within your message, you can also include a link to a scheduling tool like Calendly or Toggl.

Hi [name], I’d love to get some time on the books so we can discuss [meeting topic]. Feel free to grab some time on my calendar for a [time] sit-down.

3. The Interview Text Template

You can communicate back and forth over text to schedule an interview, as this template will demonstrate. In some instances, you can even use SimpleTexting’s integration with Zapier to automate an interview invitation text message when an appointment is scheduled via an app like Calendly or Google Cal.

Hello [name]! Congratulations, [employer] would like to move forward with a [round #] interview. Can you send me your availability for next week?

4. Sales Call

Sometimes a meeting can transition into a sales pitch. Never let a lead slip away when you follow up with a text to schedule a chat.

Hey [name], I saw your request for more information and I’d love to help you out. Do you have a few minutes to hop on a call with me this week? Looking forward to connecting


5. Schedule Services

From doctor’s appointments to professional trade services, you can streamline the booking process to make things easier for you and your clients.

Hi [name], this is [name] from [business name]. I saw you requested an appointment on [date] at [time]. Please reply with Y for Yes or N for No to confirm this booking!

Looking for more tips and hacks to improve your meetings? Check out this blog on 6 Ways To Make Your Office Meetings More Productive!

Meghan Tocci
Meghan Tocci

Meghan Tocci is a content strategist at SimpleTexting. When she’s not writing about SaaS, she’s trying to teach her puppy Lou how to code. So far, not so good.

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