New Feature Alert! Now You Can Build Your Own Customer Segments

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SimpleTexting's new Segments feature lets you set up customer segmentation right inside your account. Make your text message marketing even smarter by targeting specific groups of subscribers and sending them campaigns tailored to their interests or demographics.

Segmenting your audience in order to send tailored messages is a crucial marketing strategy for improving click-through rates, customer loyalty, and of course sales. So today we’re happy to announce that you can now enjoy all the advantages of segmentation right inside your SimpleTexting account.

That’s right, our Segments feature has finally arrived, and it’s officially ready to rock and roll. Smashing!

With Segments, you can target specific groups of subscribers with messaging that’s fine-tuned to their interests, demographics, and more. Providing value to your subscribers through segmented text messages is one of the SMS marketing best practices that all businesses and organizations should try to follow.

For example, if you’ve collected subscribers’ zip codes, then you could send a location-based campaign only to people who have 80210 zip codes.

Or, if you’ve polled subscribers about their favorite Italian dish, you could send a coupon for half off all-you-can-eat lasagna to 1) everyone who likes lasagna and 2) is not named Garfield.

Pretty much the only limitation on what kind of segments you can build is the customer data you have available to build with.

(Note: If you’re looking to collect more customer data, check out our Data Collection app. It’ll do the trick!)

If you’re already one of our customers, hop into your account and give Segments a shot. Click on the Subscribers tab, and you’ll see a new green button at the top called Add segment. Click that green button and you’ll see a screen like this:

Screenshot of Segments screen inside SimpleTexting application

Here, you can choose which contacts to build your segment with (specific lists or all contacts) and then select the criteria to define your segment. Once you’re done adding criteria, hit Save segment, and you’re all set!

If you’re not a SimpleTexting customer, it only takes a couple minutes to sign up for a trial account and get started. We’ll give you 14 days of free access to our platform, our all-star support team, and all of our powerful features. No credit card or contract required!

Got any questions about our new Segments feature? If so, don’t hesitate to contact us through our online form. You can also reach out via email or chat with us using the little blue icon that appears like magic in the lower right corner of our website.

Read more about Segments:

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