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How to Add Texting to Your Instagram Profile

How to Add Texting to Your Instagram Profile

Does your organization have an Instagram business profile? Make sure you're doing this if you want to collect more leads!

There are around 1 billion people who use Instagram every month! Out of that billion, 200 million of them visit a business’ Instagram profile at least once per day!

And where do a majority of these people go to visit these profiles?

Their cellphones.

The Instagram mobile app is the second most downloaded free app in the world (second to YouTube)!

With the majority of Instagram users accessing the platform from their phones, it only makes sense to give them the option to text your business while they’re there.

Why Should You Add Texting To Your Instagram Profile?

Instagram is a space where you can interact with your audience on a more personal level. With your product or service photos peppered in between posts from friends and family, you’ve already primed them to start to receive texts.

Instagram helps 80% of buyers decide whether to buy a product or service.

If a viewer sees how easy it is to text your business right from your Instagram page, it could mean the difference between making a purchase and continuing to scroll on.

You already have their attention on your page, texting can help you convert those views into sales.

Instagram represents 10.7% of social referral share to e-commerce sites. To add texting to your page sweetens the deal—no risk, all reward!

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How Do I Create An Instagram Business Profile?

Instagram profiles can be set up as personal, or business accounts. The main difference between the two being that business profiles give you access to more viewer analytics as well as ad/promotional abilities.

In order to add texting to your Instagram profile, it must be a business profile. If you’re already in this setting, feel free to skip ahead to the next section. Otherwise, here’s what you’ll need to do to set your account up.

1. Click on your Instagram account settings

Go to your profile from your mobile app and click on the three lines in the top right corner. Select Settings and then Account.

2. Switch to Instagram professional account

While in Account settings scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the blue text that says Switch to Professional Account.

3. Pick between a Creator or Business account

To accommodate the rise of Instagram influencers, Instagram recently created two types of business profiles. Unless you’re looking to text enable yourself as an influencer or public figure, you’ll want to select Business.

4. Connect your Facebook Page

To verify your business account with Instagram you’ll need to connect it to Business Facebook Page. If your business isn’t on Facebook, you can opt to create a profile through Instagram.

That’s it!

How to Add Text Messaging to Your Instagram Business Profile

Add your phone number to your Instagram Business page in just six steps!

1. Select Edit Profile

2. Click the Contact Options button

3. Add your phone number.

Before entering a phone number be sure it can receive text messages. SimpleTexting can text enable your phone number for you, set you up with a free toll-free number, or text enable a new local number of your choice!

4. Under how would you like to be reached, select “Text”

5. Click “Done”

6. Start receiving texts directly from your Instagram business profile!

Be sure to let your followers know they can text you directly from your page. A great way to encourage new subscribers would be to advertise a coupon code texted back to each new sign-up from your Instagram page!

However you decide to share it, this set it and forget it strategy is another excellent way to capture leads and drive sales via your social platform.

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