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5 Reasons Your Business Should Implement Text Marketing

Affordable Channel As pay-per-click and social media advertising costs continue to increase exponentially over time, many businesses are searching for additional and more affordable advertising channels. Unfortunately, these same businesses oftentimes ignore one of their most valuable assets—the list of their customers and potential customers. Instead of continuing to pour money into the lower ROI […]

Image for NBA All-Star Voting via SMS

NBA All-Star Voting via SMS

This year, NBA fans are using text messages to send their favorite players to the All-Star Game in Houston, Texas. Fans participate by texting a player’s last name to the short code 69622 (MYNBA). Fans can vote via SMS up to 10 times a day until balloting closes on January 14. The All-Star Game is […]

Image for FCC Confirms Legality of Opt-Out Messages

FCC Confirms Legality of Opt-Out Messages

Text message marketing is regulated by, among other bodies, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Last week, the FCC made an important ruling, giving SMS marketers more freedom to practice good customer service. The ruling confirmed the legality of sending a confirmation message to recipients who opt out of an SMS […]

Text – Don’t Call, in the Aftermath of Sandy

Superstorm Sandy has hit the East Coast—hard. In the wake of the massive floodings, property damage, and loss of life, officials are urging people to text, rather than call. Why send a text instead of making a call? A couple reasons. Texts are faster and easier to deliver than a call—they take up much less […]

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Image for Hurricane Sandy & Texts to Stay Safe

Hurricane Sandy & Texts to Stay Safe

With Hurricane Sandy barreling down on the East Coast—and our Manhattan office in her sights—many of us here at SimpleTexting are working from home today. Here are a couple ways text messaging is making it easier to battle off the storm. If you’re in Sandy’s path, remember to stay safe and indoors. You can find open […]

Image for Political Texts Garner Funds & Scrutiny

Political Texts Garner Funds & Scrutiny

Text messages are emerging as a big player in this year’s elections, specifically in terms of fundraising. A full 10% of 2012 presidential campaign donations have come through texts, according to a new report out by Pew. Interestingly, the report also found that Democrats are more likely to donate via cellphones or online, while Republicans are […]