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New product launch message samples

Learn how to use SMS to help plan a successful product launch and start to plan your strategy with our 28 message samples!

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Only 5% of the 30,000 new consumer products launched each year succeed

And according to Harvard Business School, the #1 problem companies face when launching a new product is lack of preparation. 

Retail and e-commerce companies that eat up their deadline with design and manufacturing often leave no time to plan for product marketing.

Half-baked communication strategies are kryptonite to new products. 

Thankfully, SMS is a simple, effective way to market your product launch.

It takes an average of 28 weeks for a new product to reach 75% of its highest distribution, so below, you’ll find 28 product launch sample text messages to get you through every stage of your initial release!

28 new product launch message samples

For the following message samples we’ll imagine we’re launching a new sunscreen line called ‘Coconut Grove’ that lasts all day with no need to reapply. 

1. Welcome message
Welcome to Coconut Grove! As part of our text club you’re among the first to access the only FDA-approved all-day wear sunscreen. Stay tuned for exciting giveaways, VIP perks, and more! 🥥

2. Product fact
Did you know that Coconut Grove is made with reef-friendly ingredients? Our certified all-natural ingredients are filled with biologically active antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and extracts! To learn more, visit our website and enter the password “Preview” to get a sneak peak!

3. Email gathering
Want a chance to win a free case of Coconut Grove SPF 30 body lotion? Reply to this message with your email address and you’re in! Winners will be notified by email on our general launch day 🚀

4. Launch countdown

Image for sending MMS
We’re officially 50 days away from the Coconut Grove launch! Who’s ready for safe, all day, fun in the sun? Enjoy this exclusive sneak peak of our bottles while you wait! 

5. Build brand familiarity
Curious about the brains behind Coconut Grove? You can read more about us and learn what inspired us to create the product. Spoiler alert- it’s also the reason why 2% of all our proceeds go towards the American Cancer Society!

 6. Product video/teaser

Image for sending MMS
The first day of summer is fast approaching. The Coconut Grove team wanted to send you a little video postcard from sunny days ahead!

7. Product fact
Did you know that UVA rays can lead to premature aging of skin while UVB rays are responsible for sunburns? That’s why Coconut Grove is a broad sunscreen… we protect against both! 

8. Launch reminder
Launch day reminder! Coconut Grove is officially for sale starting May 20th at 9am EST. Worried you’ll forget? No sweat. Just click this link to automatically add a reminder to your phone’s calendar!

9. VIP launch invite

Alright you groovy Coco Grovers! As part of our text club you’re officially invited to our VIP launch event where you can place your order one whole day before we launch to the general public! Interested? Click this link to get your secret launch passcode:

10. VIP launch reminder
Hey VIPs! A reminder that your exclusive launch access begins at 9 am tomorrow. Be ready at and enter your password at 9 am EST to shop. 

See you tomorrow! ⭐️🥥

11. VIP launch announcement
Our VIP launch is LIVE! Grab your passwords and run, don’t walk, to the site to order your sunscreen today. All orders guaranteed to ship to you before the first day of summer!

12. General launch reminder
Coconut Grove launches to the general public tomorrow at 9 am EST! ⏰ Get ready to join our global community as we change the way the world looks at summer skincare! 

13. General launch announcement
The day is finally here! Coconut Grove is officially ready to purchase! Place your order today for guaranteed shipping before the first day of summer ☀️

14. Shipping update/thank you
Thank you to EVERYONE who ordered on our VIP and general launch days. These two gals from Surf City, NC are in awe of the response so far. We wanted to let you know that all orders placed on a launch day will leave the warehouse this Friday. So be on the lookout for a shipping confirmation soon!

15. Collect user content
Hey VIPs! Have you received your order yet? Reply with a selfie with your bottle for a chance to win a case of Coconut Grove that’ll last you and your friends all summer!

16. Future product research

Hey Grovers! We want to hear from you. Reply with what product you’d like to see from us next.
A. Original formula in spray form
B. Face sunscreen
C. Lip balm

17. Customer testimony
“I put Coconut Grove on at the lake at 10 am. The sun was setting before I realized I didn’t even think to reapply. No sign of a burn in sight. I am an official Coconut Grove CONVERT” – Becca, Deep Creek.
Be like Becca, order your sunscreen today:

18. Launch update
This is officially CocoNUTS. Thanks to all of you lovely humans, our pre-summer orders are officially SOLD OUT. But don’t worry, we’re working to re-stock our shelves as fast as we can. To receive a notification when orders open back up, enter your email here:

19. Review request
We want to hear from you all! Help us spread the word about Coconut Grove by sharing your thoughts with the world. Take a minute or two to leave a review, it would seriously help us grow! Thanks friends 🤍🤎

20. Word of mouth marketing

Want to share Coconut Grove with your friends and family in exchange for discounts and perks? Sign up for our influencer program and receive your custom discount link today! 🥥

21. Second launch update
You’ve been with us from the start, so we wanted to share a quick update. Since our launch in May, we’ve sold out TWICE and raised over $8,000 for cancer research. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

22. Product fact
Did you know Coconut Grove is officially the only physical, mineral-based sunscreen for sale in the WORLD? Become one a million (literally) and grab your bottle today!

23. Market research
At Coconut Grove we’re focused on changing the future and making safe, affordable sunscreen available to everyone. Which is why we want your opinion. Where would you most like to see our product appear on shelves?
A. Target
C. Walgreens
D. Walmart

24. Contest/review request
Want a chance to win a free bottle of sunscreen? Leave us a review on our website today (7/1) and we’ll pick our favorite to send a free product!

25. Social share
We want to see how you Coconut Grove! Tag us in your photos on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #CocoNUTS for a chance to be featured on our page!

26. Customer testimony (photo)

Image for sending MMS
Our hands up high our fee down low, this is how we Coco Roll! Check out how Tina from Key West preps for a #CocoNUTS day in the sun! Share your photos today!

27. Final launch update
When we started Coconut Grove in our shared studio apartment we hoped to sell 1,000 bottles. But thanks to you we’ve sold over 50,000 bottles and raised COUNTLESS amounts of awareness around skin safety. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all. Thank you for helping us make history! 

28. Future sales priming
The summer is slowly coming to a close. But, as you know, sunscreen should be worn year-round. We want to send one final thanks to you all for such a successful launch. You’ll hear from us soon, we’ve got big things coming! 👀🥥

Next steps in creating an SMS product launch messaging strategy

Think you might want to give text message announcements a try? Outside of the templates above, here’s what you’ll need to prepare to send a mass text

Sign up for an account

You’ll need a text message marketing provider (like us 😊) to help you send out your bulk messages.

You can give SimpleTexting a try for free for 14 days with no credit cards or commitments upfront. We recommend a free trial to begin so you can get familiar with some of our features like:

  • Keywords
  • Text-to-vote
  • Integrations (with other marketing tools like Mailchimp)
  • Autoresponders
  • Data collection
  • Etc. 

From there, you can opt to upgrade to a paid plan, beginning at just $29 a month, depending on how many people/how often you plan to message. 

And of course, you can utilize our host of guides and resources which includes case studies like this one from product launch agency Russell Marketing

Start building your contact list

It’s crucial that you get an early jump on building your list of contacts well in advance of your product launch. That way, when it comes time to start building enthusiasm and momentum, you already have a strong pool of primed customers!

To help you effectively gather people to text, we suggest:

  • Putting a web sign-up form on your site.
  • Sharing a text-to-join keyword on social media and through email newsletters. For example, something like, “Text CocoGrove to 833-675-1267 to join our VIP launch list!”
  • Host text-to-win contests on your social channels and advertisements.
  • Include a mobile sign-up widget on your site to capture sign-ups from mobile visitors to your landing pages!

Closing thoughts on product launch SMS messaging 

It’s not uncommon to spend years pouring time and resources into R&D for a new product. 

By the time your product is ready for release, you deserve a marketing strategy that reflects your hard work.

And as any dutiful project manager knows, those that launch on time are more likely to meet their internal targets within a year of launch.

So get ahead of the game and start building your list today!

Meghan Tocci
Meghan Tocci

Meghan Tocci is a content strategist at SimpleTexting. When she’s not writing about SaaS, she’s trying to teach her puppy Lou how to code. So far, not so good.

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