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How to grow your MLM network with text message marketing

Any MLM knows that communication is king. Learn best practice for reaching out to leads, driving sales, and educating your downline with marketing text messages.

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Often misunderstood thanks to a few bad apples and corporate schemes, the business world of multi-level-marketing (MLM) is far from insidious.

Unlike pyramid schemes, genuine MLMs actually sell products and receive a commission on the goods exchanged as opposed to the act of “recruiting” new sellers. For many of the most reputable MLM organizations, there’s not even a requirement to buy inventory upfront and sell your quota, another common misconception.

However, without the promise of a base salary, the marketer’s success is based entirely on how well they build their brand.

In this kind of sink-or-swim environment, there’s no ceiling to success, but only a select few can achieve it. A common thread among the most lucrative multi-level marketers is a strong commitment to personalized communication.

When it comes to creating bonds and sharing information, texting is the ideal tool to set yourself apart from the rest.

How to successfully market your MLM business

As an MLM you probably have a lot of passion for the products and organization you represent. How authentically you can communicate that drive will be your greatest sales tool.

Like any other brand, the key to sales is building trust with your target audience. Five of the most important aspects of successful MLM tactics include:

  • Knowledge of the product and a strong arsenal of research to point to
  • A collection of first-hand testimony to share
  • Enticing visuals 
  • A steady stream of communications to stay top of mind and present
  • Near 24/7 accessibility (after all, you are the business, which puts all of the communication responsibility on you!)

How you choose to share these five things with your target audience is the next biggest decision. 

We spoke to Young Living Representative and MLM guru @thecoppertouch on what she’s learned from over four years as an entrepreneur:

“The most important tool I’ve learned while building my MLM business is how to adapt to the ways others communicate and take in information. 

“Now more than ever, with constant advertising being thrown their way, people want to know WHO they’re buying from, why their purchase matters, and to feel a personal connection or commonality with the seller. It’s my job to fill in those gaps.”

There are a lot of ways a seller can choose to fill the gaps for their audience. One of the most modern, up-and-coming solutions for many sellers is SMS.

How text marketing can boost your MLM sales

As a communication method, texting is unique in the sense of intimacy it can create between sellers and their audiences. Your messages are sent directly to an inbox reserved mainly for close family and friends, a natural trust signal in itself.

In addition to the high open and response rates, messages are statistically less likely to get lost in other crowded inboxes.

Unlike a social media DM, a text message has the ability to reach more people with far less effort. One message could go out to hundreds of interested leads in just a few seconds!

And, instead of creating one large group thread, each message goes directly to the individual making the whole exchange feel more personal and private.

Texting also gives you the ability to segment your leads based on interest, which can help you share the most relevant information and offers with each prospect.

If you have a website, a click-to-text button or sign-up form can make lead generation a set it and forget it process. On an active social media page, a simple highlight with your keyword and number can push any new visitors directly to an easy funnel to learn more.

💡SimpleTexting Tip: A keyword is a short word or phrase that, when texted in to your number, adds a person to your contact list to receive future messages!

The keyword dashboard in SimpleTexting's platform

When it comes to customer service, it can be a bit overwhelming to handle business requests through your personal phone number. 

Not only does a text-enabled business inbox give you that separation, but it’s also full of savvy tools such as:

  • The ability to mark conversations resolved
  • Snooze a conversation with a reminder to follow up
  • Sort incoming messages by time received or time waiting
  • Leave notes on conversations that only you can see
  • Schedule messages ahead of time so you’re not glued to your device

Business texting is truly more than just a communication method. It’s an organizational tool that saves you time while building smarter conversations that keep your downline feeling valued and supported.

Sample sales texts for MLM

For a better idea of how texting can drive more sales and more conversations, here are a few sample texts you can send.

Sales messages

Offer deals and discounts to customers or cold leads to help give your numbers a boost.

Hey babe! With summer almost here I wanted to offer a free sun care lip balm with every purchase of $50+ made this month! Stay moisturized 💋!

Motivate your team/clients

A great way to let your audience know they’re a valued part of your network, take time to give them shoutouts! These could look like a seller spotlight or a featured success story.

Image for sending MMS
June’s Seller Spotlight goes out to Tracey John! This month Tracy became a top 10% seller earning over $8,000 YTD!

Educational materials

If your MLM role puts you in a mentorship capacity for your downline, you’ll want a way to share and empower them with educational/sales material. A daily, weekly, or monthly text can be a great way to share information.

Hey Team! A lot of people have asked for some fast facts about our seed to seal promise. I created a PDF with some talking points for everyone and linked it here!

Restock alerts

Let your customers know when a favorite product has been restocked. Or, if you know when your customers last purchased a product and may need to reorder, send them a reminder.

Hey Amanda! Monday marks three months since your last order. Since you’re low on protein powder by now there’s actually a deal running right now for free overnight shipping!

Answer FAQs

Texts are a great way to chat back and forth with leads to answer questions or share information!

Do you need to sell Young Living Oils in order to buy them?
Hey there! Absolutely not. You can purchase oils, the decision to become a sales rep is entirely up to you 😊

Make marketing personal with text messaging

When it comes to MLMs, you need to market yourself as a seller almost as much as the products themselves. If you build a rapport with customers, they’ll keep coming back for more. This is what makes text messaging the perfect tool for marketers hoping to build stronger connections. Interested in trying SMS out for yourself? Give SimpleTexting a go with a 14-day free trial. No credit cards and no contracts are involved— we want to make sure we’re the right fit for you just as much as you do!

Meghan Tocci
Meghan Tocci

Meghan Tocci is a content strategist at SimpleTexting. When she’s not writing about SaaS, she’s trying to teach her puppy Lou how to code. So far, not so good.

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