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Our Biggest Update Yet: Introducing the New Business Texting Inbox

The Inbox is more powerful than ever. Our latest update lets you attach files, snooze and resolve conversations, send emojis, and more.

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We’ve come a long way since we started almost 10 years ago. During the last decade, we’ve added a lot of new features like autoresponders, delivery windows, MMS, and thousands of integrations through Zapier—to name a few. All of these have been requests from you, our users. Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. It means a lot.

Today we’re proud to launch several new additions to the SimpleTexting Inbox which will make it easier for you to connect 1-on-1 with your customers, employees, candidates, students, donors, and well…anyone else!

Say hello to the business texting inbox. Watch this 2-minute video to see what it can do, or scroll down for a quick overview.

Leave Notes

Annotate conversations with helpful notes only visible to you and your team. Discuss customer questions behind the scenes and make sure your team members are kept in the loop.

Schedule Messages

Schedule a particular date and time for your message to send. This is the same feature you love using for campaigns, built for 1-on-1 messages.

Send Files

Upload photos, PDFs, or other media and send them as links to individual contacts. Sales materials, product photos, songs, you name it—now you can send it.

Prioritize Conversations

Choose the order in which incoming messages appear to you. Filter them by time received, or time waiting. Now you can stay on top of your Inbox and make sure no leads get left behind.

Mark Conversations as Resolved

When you’re done with a conversation, mark it as resolved to hide it from your Inbox. If a customer replies, it will be marked as open again.

Snooze Conversations

Hide conversations for a set period of time. When the snooze period ends (or if someone replies) it will appear at the top of your Inbox.

Add Emojis

Make your messages feel more human and friendly by adding emojis.👏 Never sound like a robot again. 🤖 Just a note here, each emoji requires 28 characters.

It’s been hard to keep this big news a secret. We couldn’t be more excited to finally share it and hear what you think.

This is just the beginning. Our team is hard at work adding more of your thoughtful requests. Soon you’ll be able to add tags to conversations, add multiple agents, move conversations between them, and more.

For now, go ahead and log in, take advantage of the new tools and as always, keep the feedback coming.

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