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Best Mass Marketing Practices For Recruiting

Best Mass Marketing Practices For Recruiting

Learn about the mass marketing recruitment strategies best suited for your needs and discover how to use them effectively to maximize candidate conversions.

Best mass marketing practices for recruiting

From high volume hiring to filling in seasonal or part time positions, mass marketing has become integral to successful recruiting practices. The challenge to stay personal and maintain your brand’s voice within your marketing messages is where many people run into trouble.

So how do you strike the balance between quantity and quality? To find out, we’ll take a deep dive into the best practices for mass marketing recruiting.

What are the best mass marketing recruitment strategies?

Let’s begin with a general definition for recruitment marketing. It tends to take different forms depending on the needs of your organization, but it generally covers all the strategies and tactics that talent acquisition teams use to optimize the search process for targeting leads and converting them to applicants. When used properly, organizations that employ recruitment marketing techniques can generate three times more leads, 10 percent greater revenue, and a 100 percent higher close rate.

Simple, right?

Not so much. You’re probably a bit overwhelmed by the possibilities. As a result, the default for most people is to try everything and see what sticks. Unfortunately, that tends to result in wasted time and resources, and a muddy idea of what really worked and what didn’t. While the decision will always come down to what’s best for your specific business needs, there are some general guidelines that can help point you in the best direction for the strategies you need to attract top talent.

High volume hiring requiring general skills/basic education

  • Recruitment events
  • Social recruiting
  • Job boards

Technical/Specific recruitment

  • Candidate relationship management (CRM)
  • Talent networks
  • Recruiting analytics

General recruitment

How can mass marketing help recruit more diverse and better candidates?

Yes, the breadth and depth of recruitment marketing tactics can be overwhelming, but it’s that variety that makes it so advantageous. Mass marketing creates the ability to reach potential candidates through a variety of mediums, each one tailored to the demographic you’re trying to reach.

While spaces like Indeed and LinkedIn are still excellent resources, it’s not like it was in 2003 when they were really the only resources of their kind. Mass marketing can help recruit better and more diverse candidates through its unique targeting abilities. For example, candidate relationship management can now aggregate potential candidates from all sorts of channels your organization utilizes. From there, these prospects can be sorted based on level of interest and slotted for specific job openings delivering you both a smoother recruitment process and your interviewees an elevated candidate experience.

A common misunderstanding is to view mass marketing as simply casting a wider net. More accurately, it’s like casting a few different sized nets in areas you know for a fact have fish.

What are the pitfalls of using mass marketing in recruiting?

If you’ve never worked in recruiting or HR, you may be shocked at the time and money that goes into interviewing, screening, and on-boarding a new candidate. The on-boarding process alone costs around $400. Across all industries, the cost of hiring “mistakes”, or employees who turnover within the first few months of their tenure, hovers around 20% of an employee’s salary, or $6,000-$15,000 for an average worker. How and where you look for candidates matters!

When it comes to the pitfalls, as the tired, trampled saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. And that’s certainly the case with investing in mass marketing strategies. But taking the time to do your research and determine what strategy fits your needs narrows the margin of loss dramatically.

Another potential risk is diminishing your brand’s voice in the mass marketing mix. If your company’s mission is important, you don’t want to lose that by hyper-focusing on specific talent acquisition metrics. For many organizations, values based recruiting is the method of choice, and it can be a little more difficult to capture that essence through mass marketing. But difficult is a long way from impossible.

Most innovative mass marketing recruitment strategies

Some organizations have their recruitment marketing down to a science. This usually means their messaging is clear and they’re successfully reaching their [target audience]( Let’s explore some use cases that can serve as models for replicable mass marketing strategies.

1. Starbucks

Starbucks has over 28,218 stores worldwide. As of 2017, they had around 238,000 employees and growing. In order to maintain a workforce of that size, serious efforts were poured into recruitment marketing. Starbucks utilized social media marketing’s most loved tool, the video, to tell employee’s stories. This method worked well for a broad reach approach and it aligned with the mission and vision of the organization. The outcome? Starbucks has a median employee tenure of 2.8 years! For context, that average is about a year and a half higher than Amazon or Google. Two companies whose median pay exceeds that of the average Starbucks worker by $80,000.

2. Chipotle

Career fairs can be a really successful tool for attracting pools of candidates. Offering onsite interviews, panel discussions, and other perks is a great way to help your event stand out among the noise. Or, you could follow Chipotle’s lead and create a National Holiday. In 2015 they declared their first National Career Day and hosted an event where they aimed to fill 4,000 jobs within the one day. They had more than 65,000 people register for interviews! You don’t need to create history to have a successful career event, but it doesn’t hurt to think outside of the box.

3. Zappos

When it comes to social media recruitment, Zappos sets the bar. They mainly target millennial candidates, so pouring their resources into that medium has paid dividends. On their website’s career page you’re splashed with photos that ooze cool company culture, employee testimony, and heavy linking to all of Zappos social media pages. When you search #Zappos on each social media platform you’re also flooded with photos from employees that reinforce the fun in real time. They even have a separate page, @zapposculture, dedicated to showing off everything the company is doing. Their tightly curated Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube profiles drive people directly to their careers page. Despite being an Amazon affiliate, they have solidified their branding and excel at social media recruiting.

4. Red 5 Studios

Another classic mass marketing recruitment strategy is to create a talent pipeline. For positions that require more specific skills or education, this is a great way to secure talent for years to come. But identifying prospects long before they would begin working can be tricky. Red 5 Studios however spends months researching and building relationships with what they ended up deeming their “100 dream prospects”. From there, they took elaborate (and somewhat extreme) steps to court them, including sending mystery packages to their homes. As a result they curated a talent pool so rich they sustained years of growth.

There are also some other companies who are shaking up the recruitment game in big ways including…

Which mass marketing strategies work best for recruitment?

The previous examples were innovative, albeit a bit out of reach for organizations with smaller budgets. But the sentiment that creativity goes a long way remains.

Characteristics of successful mass marketing practices for recruiting

Beginning to bring everything we’ve covered full circle, effective recruitment mass marketing revolves around three things— creating communication in a space where your target audience is found, getting creative with your branding, and valuing quality over quantity.

What is effective social marketing communication for recruitment?

The number one best practice for social marketing communications is to stay true to the voice of your organization. If you’re known for being fun and quirky, make sure that comes across in your posts. On the flip side, don’t try to force pop culture or slang inorganically in an effort to sound more relatable. It tends to come across awkward and forced. There are some brands who, seemingly out of nowhere, switched up their brand voice. But a decision like this is hardly the norm and should be made with careful consideration.

Other social media recruitment best practices include:

  • Picking a hashtag and sticking to it. Promote that hashtag from the start of your on-boarding in order to sustain growth (similar to Zappos)
  • Create engagement driven questions and content
  • Ensure your pages are highly visual. Posts with accompanying photo and video tend to perform better
  • Utilize filters to help curate your audience
  • Schedule posts in advance so you can send them at peak times for your audience
  • Optimize your page(s) for search engines

How can SMS be an effective recruitment marketing tool?

As a text marketing business, you might be wondering why we’ve got such big ideas in the recruitment arena. But truthfully, our goals aren’t as different as they may seem. At SimpleTexting, it’s our objective to help your messages get heard. We just believe text marketing is one of the most effective ways to make that a reality!

We’ve seen mass texting assist recruiters across the country schedule interviews, send applications to candidates, and convert leads. Mass texting is an excellent way to start the conversation, and business texting helps to continue it.

It’s a way to help your business enhance communications by enabling 1-on-1 texting on an existing line or a new dedicated number.It also doesn’t hurt to add that text messages have an average read rate of 98% and around a 40% response rate.

With features like scheduled messages, templates, and conversation prioritization capabilities, you can start building and growing relationships effectively. And that’s just the beginning of the text marketing benefits.

Why should recruiters use mass marketing strategies?

The ways we communicate and attract prospects and customers is changing rapidly. The tools at our disposal are plentiful and the spaces where we can capture attention have more than tripled. The benefits of mass marketing aren’t limited to just lower costs and higher efficiency, but they certainly don’t hurt.

To determine whether mass marketing is the best recruitment practice for your business, ask yourself some key questions.

  • Are you looking to connect with your audience more directly?
  • Do you need to source talent before investing time and resources into them?
  • Could your organization benefit from a more organized strategy for recruitment (beyond just posting a job listing on a virtual board)

If you answered yes to any one of these, more than likely mass marketing is for you. Even more likely, text message marketing would be the perfect fit! If you have questions our amazing customer support team is available seven days a week!

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