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How to Shorten URLs and Track Clicks

Turn even the longest URLs into text-friendly tiny links. You can send links to sites, videos, downloadable content, or apps.

Teeny tiny links let you text everything!

Video Transcript

Hey everybody, thanks for watching our how-to video series.

Today I’m going to show you how to use the link shortening feature in SimpleTexting. This allows you to turn long URLs into tiny bite-size links, giving you more characters for your texts.

All you have to do is go to New Campaign in the quick access row, give your message a name—we’ll call it New Success Story—type your message: “Check out the great success story from SimpleTexting.”

Now check out that URL—it’s way too long. We normally wouldn’t be able to share this via text message. We’re going to copy and paste it into the message body, and then we’re going to click this button that says Shorten. Click it and magically it turns into a link that’s really tiny and easy to share. Saves us a lot of characters, so you can get more info out in your messages.

Now, just select the recipients you want to send to, click Next, and then Send campaign.

Your campaign is off! You can even check how many clicks your links get by going to the Analytics section and picking Campaigns report. Scroll down to see all the stats for your messages. There you go.

Thanks for watching, and happy texting!