How a Missouri real estate agent sidesteps email spam filters with SMS

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Emails getting caught in spam filters? Find out how a Missouri real estate agent uses SimpleTexting’s SMS platform to deliver listing alerts directly into his clients’ hands.

Meet Toby Prussman, a down-to-earth real estate agent from Missouri. Along with his business partner, Toby specializes in the sale of rural properties: farms, hunting properties, homes with sprawling acreage – you name it.

The challenge: Emails getting caught by spam filters

Toby and his partner had worked tirelessly over the years cultivating a hefty email list. A new listing on the rural real estate market? Boom! Their clients would get those details delivered right to their inbox.

Only, that wasn’t quite happening.

Customers were reaching out, wondering why they weren’t getting alerts about new listings. Digging into the issue, Toby and his partner discovered that nearly every email they were sending out was ending up in the dreaded spam folder, unseen and unread.

The solution: A simple, effective texting platform

Toby sought an affordable, effective, and simple answer to this problem, and he found it in SimpleTexting.

“If I had to describe SimpleTexting in three words, I would say it’s very affordable, it’s very effective. And as the name implies, it’s very simple.”
Toby Prussman

Toby Prussman

Real estate agent

Switching their communication platform to SimpleTexting, Toby’s clients started to receive the alerts they’d been missing out on. 

The results were tangible, even if they weren’t always numerical: a happy customer base that gratefully responded to the switch.

The results: Happy clients and business growth

Once again feeling included in the real estate loop, Toby’s clients were happy. But it wasn’t just those customers on the list who were pleased; Toby and his partner were also reaping the benefits.

“It’s hard to put a dollar amount on some of that, but…it’s always nice to keep your clients happy and to grow your clientele.”
Toby Prussman

Toby Prussman

Real estate agent

SimpleTexting was not only simple to use and affordable, but it also effectively aided them in growing their business and acting on the opportunities it provided.

A simple recommendation

Toby’s advice to any business owner (real estate or otherwise) considering SimpleTexting? Go for it.

“For anybody out there that is considering SimpleTexting, I would tell you to go ahead and give it a shot. It’s affordable. It’s super easy to use and it’s a really, really quick, easy way…to grow your business.”
Toby Prussman

Toby Prussman

Real estate agent

SimpleTexting is a straightforward, effective and cost-effective solution to reach out to your clients — all packaged in a user-friendly text message. And for a business like Toby’s that values keeping their clients in the loop, it’s been nothing short of a game-changer.

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