How automatic texts supplemented a weight loss program for one business

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Haseley Family Chiropractic uses autoresponders to motivate clients who participate in their Buffalo ChiroThin weight loss program. Every day, a new text message goes out with good vibes to help people stay positive. It works like a charm!

Dr. Shawn wearing a black shirt leaning up against the wall behind the front desk in the lobby of Haseley Family Chiropractic

Our mission is to improve quality of life through safe and effective weight loss for our patients.

– Dr. Shawn Haseley

If you walk into Haseley Family Chiropractic in Williamsville, New York, you might bump into Dr. Shawn Haseley or his wife, Sandra, the clinic director.

Which is fine—they’re both really nice, and they don’t mind it when people bump into them. 🙂 They just want to help.

Because helping is something the Haseleys are really good at. In addition to helping people heal with chiropractic care, they also help people slim down the smart way with the ChiroThin Weight Loss Program.

What’s ChiroThin, you ask?

ChiroThin is a doctor-supervised weight loss program that prescribes a special diet and nutritional support to turn your body into a highly efficient fat-burning machine.

On the special diet side, you focus on eating anti-inflammatory foods with a low glycemic index and a low overall calorie count. We’re talking mostly lean proteins, vegetables, and fruit. It’s all 100% real food you buy at the grocery store—no weird shakes or prepackaged meals here. Oh, and believe it or not, there’s no exercise required!

On the nutritional support side, you’ve got the ChiroThin formula, which is a proprietary blend of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that helps your body increase metabolism, stabilize blood sugar, and burn fat.

Put the two together, and you can wave goodbye to about 20–35 pounds in six weeks. Sometimes more!

Just ask Nik Rivers. Rivers, who is the program director and afternoon drive on-air host at WLKK-FM Alternative Buffalo 107.7, lost over 40 pounds by following the ChiroThin program. Check out his story in The Buffalo News.

Texting’s role in weight loss

People don’t check emails anymore. But text messages—it’s like 100%. You always check your text messages.

– Melissa, Weight Loss Specialist

Haseley Family Chiropractic was the first practice in western New York to offer ChiroThin, and they use SimpleTexting in connection with that program. Naturally enough, we were curious to learn more about how that works, so we called their office and had a chat with Melissa.

Turns out it’s pretty simple: They’re sending daily motivational texts to people in the ChiroThin program. Every day, for six weeks, participants receive a text message with an upbeat pick-me-up.

Here are a few examples:

  • (Day 3) Ahhhh..clean eating 🙂 Drink that gallon today, it’s critical for detox and getting the fat out of your system-BURN BABY BURN!
  • (Day 11) Excuses just aren’t you. You’re doing something EPIC. Something others are afraid of. You’re becoming better. Never give up on YOU.
  • (Day 13) YOU are the reason you’ll succeed. Do not let anyone, underestimate your abilities-even you! You are powerful- BELIEVE that
  • (Day 30) How badly do you want it? No, really, how badly? When you started this program, you wanted it more than anything else! FINISH STRONG!

It doesn’t take much for Haseley Family Chiropractic to build a list of people to send those texts to, either. In fact, program participants actually add themselves to the list during the sign-up process! This is possible thanks to a fundamental feature of text message marketing: the keyword and short code operation.

Here’s how it works. Haseley Family Chiropractic signs up for a SimpleTexting account and creates a keyword. Then, they instruct new participants to text that keyword to their number. Once new participants text in, they’re automatically added to the proper list inside Haseley Family Chiropractic’s account, and they’re all set to start receiving daily texts.

Cool, huh?

It gets cooler: All those daily motivational texts are actually autoresponders, which are automated text messages you can write in advance and schedule to send later. Haseley Family Chiropractic has all six weeks of motivational texts pre-written and scheduled to send automatically on the correct day. So, as soon as a new participant texts in, they’ll start getting all those messages in order, one day at a time, from Day 1 to Day 42.

Boom! Daily motivation—and it’s totally automated!

The open rates rock and people are lovin’ it

We want our patients to be supported. So if we go with the text, and the open rate is 100%, then we know they’re getting that support. Whether they speak it or not, they’re getting it.

As we finished up our call with Melissa, she told us that people in the ChiroThin program have been responding really well to the texts they were getting. They just love getting that daily dose of motivation. And who wouldn’t?

She also noted how easy it is to track whether or not people are actually opening texts. All they have to do is refer to SimpleTexting’s built-in analytics, and they can easily get a read on those open rates.

All in all, it sounds like texting’s been a big win for ChiroThin. Nice work, HFC!

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