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SMS Marketing Featured in Super Bowl

SMS Marketing Featured in Super Bowl

Text marketing was featured on the sports world's biggest stage as the NFL used text-2-vote to determine the Super Bowl MVP.

Text message marketing made a cameo on the world’s biggest stage last night.

During Super Bowl XLVII, watched by 109 million viewers, the NFL prompted fans to text MVP to 55171 to vote for the most valuable player. Somewhat surprisingly, fans couldn’t vote solely by text, as they can with SimpleTexting’s Text to Vote Surveys feature. Instead, those who texted in were directed to the NFL’s website, where participants could then log their vote.

Text-2-Vote campaigns are particularly popular in major sports—the NBA recently had fans vote for the All-Star team via SMS. Unlike the NFL’s campaign, the NBA allowed fans to vote directly via text by sending their favorite player’s name to 69622 (MYNBA).

Joe Flacco won the Super Bowl MVP, though some fans thought the award should have gone to Beyoncé and/or the power outage.

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