SMS Chat With Two-Way Text Messaging

Enable two-way conversations with SMS chat and wow your customers with a personalized and engaging experience.

  • Deliver a hassle-free, “no hold” customer experience
  • Use your existing business phone number or get a new one
  • Turn conversations into conversions by texting 1-on-1 with sales leads
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SMS Chat With Two-Way Text Messaging


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Why Use Two-Way SMS Chat?

Deliver a lightning-fast conversational experience to customers who are on the go and want fast and convenient answers to their questions.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

66% of people prefer texting over phone and email. Offer fast, high-quality service, and keep your customers happy.

Make a Personal Connection

Texting is a more intimate channel. If you text your customers, you’ve secured yourself a spot in their inner circle.

Speed Up Your Response

You can write quickly and directly with SMS chat, a clear advantage over email, which often moves slowly and is less interactive

Save Money with SMS Chat

The cost of a phone call is–on average–$15.50 to your business. SMS is between $1 to $5. All of those dollars and cents add up.

Drive Engagement

Interacting with your business shouldn’t be tedious. With text messaging, make it an engaging two-way process.

Widespread Access

The vast majority of Americans – 96% – now own a cellphone of some kind. It’s the best way to contact customers.

How to Get Started with Two-Way SMS Chat

Companies of all sizes and industries use SimpleTexting's SMS chat service to engage with customers. Here's how you can too.

Add a Click-to-Text Button


Add a Click-to-Text Button

Allow customers to start an SMS chat from the mobile version of your site with a single click using our free Click-to-Text button generator.
  • Generate more 1-on-1 conversations by giving your website visitors an easy way to get in touch
  • Prepopulate your number and a message that’s tailored to your business
  • Increase conversion rates, reduce response times, and create a smooth customer experience

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Receive and Reply to Incoming SMS

2-Way Messaging

Receive and Reply to Incoming SMS

Manage all incoming and outgoing SMS in our powerful inbox.
  • Handle incoming SMS quickly and satisfactorily, filtering conversations by time waiting or most recently received
  • Use our message templates to turn common questions around even faster
  • Collaborate with your team through internal notes, leaving details other staff should know before replying
  • Set up an away message to get back to customers automatically so they never feel ignored.

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Send Proactive SMS to Customers and Prospects

Mass Texting

Send Proactive SMS to Customers and Prospects

Start SMS chats to provide proactive customer service or to close a sale.
  • Send quick questions that your customer or prospect needs to answer
  • Send payment reminders or important updates
  • Send noninvasive follow-up touches that contribute to your customer retention efforts

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Connect Existing Tools to Increase Productivity


Connect Existing Tools to Increase Productivity

With our API or Zapier integration, you can connect SimpleTexting with your favorite tools.
  • Forward text messages to a Slack sales or customer support channel
  • Add new sales leads from your SMS channel to a campaign in your CRM
  • Trigger the creation of a new support ticket when you receive an SMS

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Embrace the World of SMS Chat With the Right Platform

With over a decades experience helping businesses text their customers, you are in safe hands. Engage in sales or customer service 1-on-1 conversations with all the features you need to be successful with a text to chat service.

Use an Existing Number

You can text-enable an existing phone number that your customers are familiar with.

No Limit on Teammates

Add team members to your account for free so that you can spread the workload

Add to Your Website

Easily integrate text chat into your website by using a Click-to-Text button

Speed Up Response Times

Save time by using template texts to respond to common inquiries.

Send Photos or PDFs

Upload photos, PDFs, or other files and send them as a link.

Set Priorities

Filter conversations by time in inbox, or by most recently received.

Organize Your Inbox

You can keep your inbox clutter-free by marking conversations as resolved.

Encourage Collaboration

Use internal notes to keep other employees in the loop with valuable information.

Schedule Texts

You can schedule texts to go out right away or at a later date. Ensure nothing slips through the cracks!

Use Our Mobile App

If you’re on the go you can use our mobile app that works on iOS or Android.

Snooze Conversations

You can temporarily hide conversations or until you receive a reply.

Import and Export

Easily import data from your CRM. All of your info is safely stored in our platform.

More SMS Chat Features

Of course you can send and receive SMS, but that's just the beginning. Explore our other powerful features.

  • 2-way messaging
  • Scheduled texts
  • Autoresponders
  • Import contacts
  • iOS and Android app
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Custom fields
  • Data collection

  • Segments
  • Link tracking
  • MMS marketing
  • Teammates
  • API
  • Templates
  • Extended messaging
  • Push notifications

  • Triggers
  • Zapier integration
  • Analytics
  • Text to Win Sweepstakes
  • Text to Vote Surveys
  • Polls
  • Web forms
  • Rollover credits

Why Customers Love Our SMS Chat Service

Discover why SimpleTexting is one of the highest-rated companies for two-way text messaging.

Our SMS chat platform is designed to be easy for anyone to use, yet robust enough for advanced use cases. We even offer an SMS API.

The quick and straightforward to grasp user interface means that even if you aren’t the person people come running to for tech advice, you’ll have no problem navigating it.

We focus on delivering super fast and empathetic support. We are very responsive via all support channels: live chat, email, SMS chat, and by phone.

Our customers are big fans of the SimpleTexting mobile app and the fact that it allows them the ability to harness the power of two-way text messaging even when they’re on the move

Unlike some text chat services, you can get up and running with SimpleTexting in a matter of minutes. Our ultimate goal is to make texting your customers as easy and as simple as possible.

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