Plexus Plus SimpleTexting: Setting Up a Complete Software Solution

Plexus Plus SimpleTexting: Setting Up a Complete Software Solution

Plexus customers wanted texting functionality, but that was proving difficult for Plexus to implement. What to do? Easy—plug into SimpleTexting's API.

Texting was the one thing we couldn’t do on our own. We needed to partner with someone.

– Eric Simon, CEO, Plexus

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Meet Plexus.

Plexus is an end-to-end business software platform for companies that specialize in offering professional services like plumbing, insulation, and various kinds of professional installation.

Plexus software has boatloads of cool features that help you manage everything from customer relationships to inventory, from sales forecasting to invoicing, from ordering to floor plans.

It’s everything a small- to medium-size enterprise might need, all in one convenient location.

But recently, Plexus was in a bit of a pickle.

You see, their one-stop software shop was missing a crucial feature: texting.

Plexus had a lot of clients throughout the U.S. and Canada—we’re talking established, fully integrated customers here—who were starting to ask about text messaging capabilities.

“We were in a position where we had built a complete end-to-end system for our customers,” said Plexus CEO Eric Simon. “And the inevitable question came up: ‘Can you send text messages to our field crews?’”

That’s a pretty sensible question, of course, because if you’ve got crews of plumbers or installers out on the job for days at a time, then your dispatchers need a really easy way to communicate with them about project changes and the next day’s schedule.

But it meant that suddenly, the complete end-to-end system Plexus had built wasn’t quite complete anymore. So Plexus needed to add a texting feature, and they needed to add it fast.

Eric went on to tell us that Plexus initially attempted to solve the problem by sending notifications via their mobile app. However, there were two problems with this approach:

  1. A lot of those field crew members didn’t have smartphones, and therefore couldn’t use apps or receive the notifications.
  2. Or, they simply didn’t want to deal with apps due to unfamiliarity with how they worked.

When push came to shove, texting was simply a much better option for communicating with those crews. Text messages are super easy to use and pretty hard to miss, after all. And almost everyone these days has a phone that can send and receive texts.

Even those old flip phones that can’t hack apps can handle texting!

So, Plexus connected to SimpleTexting’s API.

Since Plexus wasn’t able to effectively implement their mobile app solution, they decided to try SimpleTexting. By using our SMS API, they were able to plug into our powerful text messaging platform without needing to direct their customers outside the Plexus platform.

Now, their customers can schedule and send text messages to field crews right inside of Plexus. And just like that, employees get the latest job updates and know exactly where they’re supposed to be the next day.

“The API is the way to go,” Eric said, “because it means that our customers don’t have to touch SimpleTexting’s site at all.”

So, why SimpleTexting?

There are plenty of business texting services out there. So why did Plexus pick SimpleTexting?

Two reasons:

1. Straightforward, easy-to-use API

APIs are supposed to be easy to use by design. Problem is, not all of them are, so you end up having to put in a bunch of unnecessary development work in order to connect.

SimpleTexting’s API is really, really simple, and you can get up and running really, really fast.

“We were in a pinch and needed a good solution,” Eric said. “You guys had a good price and a great API that wasn’t going to take much development time to quickly jump over to. So that was a great find for us.”

2. Excellent customer support

Let’s face it, customers are what keep a business afloat. So it only makes sense that a business would treat its customers well, right? Well, as we’ve all experienced at some point, that’s just not the case with every business.

SimpleTexting is an exception, if we do say so ourselves. 🙂 We make our customers our priority, because we only succeed when you succeed, and we’re only happy when you’re happy.

“Whenever I’ve emailed you guys, I get a response from a real person—and pretty quickly, too,” Eric said. “It was refreshing to have actual people respond.”

SimpleTexting’s API worked for Plexus, and it’ll work for you, too.

The actual people here at SimpleTexting hope that you enjoyed our little story about Plexus. Thanks for reading!

We also hope you’ll reach out and ask how SimpleTexting can help you and your company succeed.

Give us a shout today.

At SimpleTexting, we specialize in being really, really awesome at one thing: texting. But if you’re a professional service company and you’re looking for a complete end-to-end solution, well, we can’t help but recommend Plexus.

Go check them out, because they rock at what they do!

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