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Papa John’s Sends Illegal Texts, Faces $250 Million Lawsuit

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If you ever wanted a glaring example of text message marketing done wrong, just check out Papa John’s, currently being sued for $250 million.

The pizza chain allegedly sent 500,000 illegal text messages to its customers back in 2010. Why were they illegal text messages?

Because Papa John’s never got consent to text their customers. They texted them without permission.

For more, read our guest post, 5 Huge Mistakes That May Cost Papa John’s $250 Million, over at SociableBlog (the clever image above comes courtesy of the guys at SociableBlog).

A new report out today from Bloomberg BNA reveals that OnTime4U, the SMS marketing platform that sent the illegal texts, “allegedly told the pizza chain’s franchisees that it could send text message advertisements to Papa John’s customers, saying it was legal to send the messages without customers’ consent because the restaurants and the customers had an existing business relationship.”

Just to be clear: You always need consent to text commercial messages.

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