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Millennials and Gen Z: 86% Like SMS in the Interview Process

According to the 2017 Yello Recruiting Study, Millennial and Gen Z candidates are big fans of using mobile and video technology in the interview process.

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Hey, are you a recruiter?

Is your company planning to bring on some Millennial or Gen Z talent fresh out of college?

If so, you should consider getting mobile technology involved in your hiring process.

Why? Because mobile technology is what these candidates like. Just check out the 2017 recruiting study from Yello, a talent acquisition technology startup based in Chicago.

When it came to SMS, for instance, 86% of those surveyed said they were happy to see text messages during the interview process. That’s a lot of positivity right there—plus, it’s up 7% from what Yello found in 2016.

“This demographic feels overwhelmingly positive about the experience,” the study authors concluded. “Texting can improve the efficacy and efficiency of communication, helping to decrease the delays that impact time to fill by reaching candidates through a channel they respond to quickly.”

So, maybe it’s time to start using the power of text marketing in your recruiting process. We happen to know this one company that has a pretty good platform in place. 😉

Anyway, that preference for text messaging isn’t the only interesting observation you’ll find in this year’s Yello study. There are plenty more to be had. For instance, Millennial and Gen Z candidates are increasingly using mobile to apply for jobs:

Chart showing 2016 and 2017 use of mobile devices for job applications

They tend to appreciate video interviews:

2017 chart showing 76% of respondents feel positive about video in the interview process

And they’re used to moving fast—so don’t drag your feet on job offers, or you just might lose them:

2017 chart showing 74% of students turned down job offer due to delays

Moreover, they value learning opportunities and career growth much higher than their salary:

2017 chart showing student interest in learning opps, career growth, and salary

It also looks like this crowd is interested in putting down roots, as over half of respondents said they want to stick around the workplace for at least three years. They want a job somewhere they can refer their friends to, too.

All in all, it’s a pretty interesting audience, and it’s one you probably don’t want to alienate by overlooking the mobile opportunity. A good place to start is to send interview invitation text messages.

Yello’s report is titled “Fast, Mobile, and Personal: Recruiting the Millennial and Gen Z Workforce.” It’s based on data gathered from 1,461 collegiate or recently post-collegiate students who were either already employed or slated to start somewhere. You can download the whole thing here.

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