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What Is Ninox?

Ninox is a database tool that empowers marketers to create technology that works for them, all in a user-friendly way.With Ninox, you can create custom business apps without a single line of code. Developed for web and iOS apps, Ninox helps you build smarter databases by creating relations and forms built to address your needs. Analyze data with your whole team via their collaborative interface, and manage all your personal database needs from one space.

How Can Ninox Work With SimpleTexting?

Empower yourself by surrounding your team with technology that works for you! Create as many as 6 possible Zapier integrations when you combine the services of Ninox and SimpleTexting with each other.

What Can You Do With Ninox and SimpleTexting?

Create automated processes that cut back on busy work and save you time. A few possible options include…

  • Add a SimpleTexting content when a new record is added to your Ninox table.
  • Send a text message to those newly added Ninox records.
  • Create a record on Ninox as a response to an incoming text message.

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