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Powerful scheduling software to book service appointments, meetings, calls and interviews.

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What Is Bookafy?

Bookafy is an appointment booking experience complete with confirmations, reminders, integrations, payments and more. Bookafy currently serves businesses and organizations around the world in industries including software companies, universities, finance companies, government organizations, non-profits, coaches, consultants, sales people, counselors, churches, wellness, photographers, tax, and many more.

How Can Bookafy Work With SimpleTexting?

With Zapier, integrate SimpleTexting and Bookafy to create 10 potential zaps that’ll have you working smarter in no time!

What Can You Do With Bookafy and SimpleTexting?

Create automated processes that cut back on busy work and save you time. A few possible options include….
– Add a contact when a new Bookafy customer is added
– Send an SMS to create a new appointment
– Create a customer from a new incoming message

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