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How to Get More TripAdvisor Reviews With Text Messages

With a restaurant and hotel on every corner, the hospitality industry is as competitive as it gets. A positive TripAdvisor rating is one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd.

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Your online reputation matters.

In fact, 93% of customers will read reviews before purchasing a product, while TripAdvisor users will read an average of 9 reviews before making a decision.

Unfortunately, customers are more likely to leave a negative review than a positive one, and we all know how easily that one negative review can impact the decision of prospective customers.

So, why should you be investing time in your TripAdvisor review strategy, and where should you start?

Why Do TripAdvisor Reviews Matter?

TripAdvisor is the go-to platform for ratings and reviews. Potential customers are looking at your TripAdvisor listing for your popularity ranking, the quantity of reviews, and how you’re responding to customers.

According to a TripAdvisor study, the impact of positive reviews goes further than the establishment’s online reputation, with high ratings resulting in a positive impact on revenue.

This makes sense when you consider that more than half of TripAdvisor users will not book a property if it doesn’t have reviews.

The same survey also found that reviews are the deciding factor for 91% of users, with survey results suggesting potential customers would pay more and travel further if it meant visiting a highly recommended restaurant or hotel.

Building your online reviews is in the best interest of everyone. Your business deserves recognition, and customers deserve to know where they can find a great experience!

Why Use Text Messages To Get More TripAdvisor Reviews?

With so many different marketing channels, you’d be forgiven for using other methods to generate reviews. Here are the two main reasons you should use SMS.

1. Take Advantage of 98% Open Rates

Your customers are busy people, but even on the busiest day, we all check our phones.

Many customers simply forget to leave a review. Life gets in the way, they recommend you to friends and family in passing, but there’s nothing online to say what a great time they had. 

They need a reminder.

With a 98% open rate and 80% response rate no other marketing channel has the ability to reach customers the way text messaging does.

When making a reservation, customers expect to be asked for a contact number. By confirming their marketing and external contact preferences, you have direct access to requesting reviews and sending follow-up reminders.

Thanks to our URL shortener, you can even include a short link with your text that takes people straight to your TripAdvisor page.

Today 8:00 AM
Thank you for joining us for dinner at ST Kitchen 🍽 If you had a great time, we’d love you to let others know by leaving a review!

2. More Interactive Than Stickers

One popular way to get more reviews is by using TripAdvisor stickers

With these stickers saying variations of ‘Leave us a review on TripAdvisor’, restaurants and hotels will place them in highly visible areas, as a reminder to customers.

The downside of this technique is that, unfortunately, it can take more than 6 weeks for TripAdvisor to send them out. When you’re launching a restaurant or attempting damage control from negative reviews, time really is money.

Not only that, but stickers place all the onus on customers to find your business online. That’s where SMS comes in. Instead, you can advertise a word or phrase that people text to your number and automatically receive a text message with a link to leave a review.

We’ll show you how to do this by setting up a keyword and then advertising it in your hotel or restaurant. 

How to Set-Up a Keyword to Get More Reviews

Texting a keyword to your text-enabled phone number is the easiest way for customers to quickly share a review.

Firstly, you’ll need to learn how to set up a keyword on your account. If you’ve never set up a keyword before, simply follow this tutorial to learn how.

Once this is set up, you can advertise your keyword and number across your hotel and restaurant, encouraging guests and customers to quickly leave a review. 

Always remember to personalize your reply to make your customer feel their opinion is valued. 

Today 7:30 PM
Thank you for offering to review the ST restaurant! We want everyone to know about your ST experience. To leave a TripAdvisor review follow this link:

How do I make sure the customer leaves a positive review?

Occasionally, the customer experience is out of your control. 

We’re all human, which means things can go wrong. In those circumstances, you probably don’t want customers to leave angry or negative reviews online for all to see.

Whilst we do recommend making sure your reviews are varied to maximize the authenticity of your restaurant or hotel, it’s also important to make sure you’re aware of unhappy customers.

Keywords enable you to trigger responses that are more suited to each type of customer. You can make the exchange slightly longer to find out if your customer enjoyed their experience.

By breaking your customers’ responses into ‘excellent’, ‘good’ and ‘poor’, you can ensure the autoresponse points them to the right place to express their appreciation, or take their complaint further.

3 Ways to Use Text Messaging to Get TripAdvisor Reviews

You can also send an NPS survey, incentivize customers with a promotion, or take advantage of your food delivery business.

1. Use NPS Surveys to Get More Reviews

NPS (net promoter score) surveys are one of the best ways to encourage a review from your customer. 

Not only do they show an active interest in your customer’s experience, but they also offer you insight into the kind of review you’ll be receiving (and whether you want it online). 

Our five-step process to securing NPS responses starts with our keyword feature. When you send an NPS survey as a keyword response, you know your customers are already interested in sharing their thoughts with you.

However, instead of keeping the results to yourself, it’s always a good idea to round off with a text encouraging your customers to post their responses online.

Today 10:03 PM
We hope you enjoyed dining with us today! We’d love to know what you would rate your experience from 1-10 🍽

2. Share a Promotion to Incentivize Reviews

Everybody loves a discount. A great way to encourage customers to review your company is by sending out a promotion in exchange for their time.

You can advertise your promotional keyword around your restaurant, on your website, and on deliveries (as we discuss below).

It’s a great way to show customers that you care about the time it takes for them to share their feedback.

Today 8:25 AM
Thank you for offering to review the ST restaurant! Please leave your review here and email [email protected] with a screenshot to claim your 30% off voucher.

3. Use Deliveries as a Review Strategy

When Covid-19 closed down the restaurant industry, food delivery more than doubled.

Instead of the dine-out experience, it all became about dining in. Businesses invested in branded bags and boxes to remind customers who they were ordering from.

If you’re one of the restaurants that have jumped onto the delivery opportunity, you could be delivering to thousands of customers—and every single one is an opportunity to promote your business.

We’ve all had unforgettable takeouts, and those customers should be giving your food the credit it deserves.

Put it on their agenda by adding your keyword and number to your packaging, or even print a scannable QR code onto your boxes for customers to automatically send a message.

Make Leaving a Review as Easy as Possible

Reviews are your ticket to increasing revenue, bringing in new customers, and making a great name for yourself in your local area.

Using SMS makes leaving a review quick and easy for your customers. All that’s left to do now is to give it a try with our 14-day free trial and watch those five-star reviews come rolling in.

Alice Dodd
Alice Dodd

Alice is a copywriter at SimpleTexting. When not teaching the world about the benefits of business texting, you can find her feeding family, friends and strangers with her latest baking experiment.

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