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What Is Verified SMS?

Google is rolling out a feature that allows you to display your logo, business name, and URL previews in your texts to Android users. Here’s what you need to know about it.

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Verified SMS, a tool developed by Google, allows marketers to stand out and identify their brand in a customer’s SMS inbox.

Similar to the blue checkmark system for verified accounts on social media, Verified SMS was created to help reduce the scams that occur from fraudulent text messages posing as different companies. 

But what is it, and how exactly does it work? For the answers, check out our high-level overview below.

What Is Verified SMS?

Verified SMS is a texting enhancement tool that helps businesses establish their identity within an SMS message.

When a business with Verified SMS sends a message, their logo and a verification checkmark is shown at the top of the thread—right where a contact’s name and photo would be if you were texting a friend. 

In order to gain access to this feature, businesses must go through a verification process with their text marketing provider and Google.

Any text-enabled business can get verified, it just takes a few simple steps. 

Once you’ve enabled Verified SMS, you’ll be able to:

  • Provide your business name, logo, and a short description at a glance
  • Gain the trust of contacts thanks to your verified message sender badge.
  • Send links that appear with a preview containing a title, page description, image and URL

Presently, Verified SMS only works on Android phones with Android version 5.2 or higher. If recipients of your message do not have an Android device, the text will simply go through as usual with no changes or disruption.

How Does Verified SMS Work?

As the sender, nothing about your text messages or the service you use will be altered when you activate Verified SMS. The only lift on your end is in the setup. 

Once you fill out an application with Google Verified you should receive a confirmation email with a Google Verified account ID. Simply share that ID with your text marketing service along with your logo, business name, and description.

You can then resume sending text messages as usual. Thanks to the RCS technology now enabled on the backend of your account, your messages will run through the message app on any Google phone. 

If it’s a Verified SMS message, the logo and checkmark will be added to the message automatically! 

Google verifies every text you send instantly.

Verified SMS Use Cases

Marketers across the U.S. have already become SMS verified to build trust and credibility when it comes to texting their customers. Here are some examples of how you could use SMS verification for your business:

  • Avoid Fraud and Spam Filters

When you’re SMS verified, customers don’t need to question whether your text messages are a spam or potential fraud. 

As it’s become harder and harder to decipher authentic text messages from spam, one of the go-to ways for customers to rely on text messages is by seeing if they’re from a verified number or a local one.

  • Payment Confirmation

Following up with a customer after they’ve made a purchase allows them to know their payment has processed and been taken securely.

After making a purchase, new customers in particular may be concerned about how established a business is. A verified SMS complete with logo and business name will quash any questions or doubts they might have.

  • Marketing Campaigns

SMS marketing campaigns are effective with or without verified SMS, but verification is an effective way to remind customers of your brand and credibility.

As some SMS marketing campaigns will include external links, sending from a verified account reassures subscribers the link is legitimate and not spam.

How Can I Get Started With Verified SMS?

Want your business to be among the first brands to get Verified SMS? Click here to fill out an interest form.

We’ll reach out if your organization is a good fit to receive early access!

Meghan Tocci
Meghan Tocci

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