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Steal These Nine 4th of July SMS Message Templates

As summer approaches, you’ve got a great opportunity to catch your customers’ eyes with a festive 4th of July SMS message. Craft Independence Day texts that get attention with these templates.

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When you think about the 4th of July, what do you think of? For most people, it’s barbecues, fireworks, and the American flag.

Us? We think of all that, too…plus an excellent opportunity to reach out to your customers and contacts with product launches, promotions, or even just a friendly message.

After all, holidays are a great time to build goodwill with your customers with a festive greeting or catch people’s attention for a timely announcement. 

Not sure where to start when writing your 4th of July text? No worries–we’ve got your back with these templates you can use for inspiration (plus a few message-crafting tips and tricks).

4th of July Message Templates

Use these example messages to craft a memorable–and effective–4th of July text. 

Product Launch Texts

  • Be the best dressed at your 4th of July barbecue with our new summer line of shorts. Buy now through 7/6.
  • Throwing a 4th of July party? Get your grill essentials starting Tuesday–pre-order now!
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We’re feeling patriotic with a brand-new line of patio furniture, perfect for your 4th of July get-together! Check it out on our site.

Seasonal Sale Announcements

  • We’re kicking off the 4th of July with a sale exclusively for our text group–grab 40% off everything, this week only.
  • What’s the best way to celebrate Independence Day? A sale, of course! Visit our online store for 25% off patriotic summer apparel.
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Gearing up for 4th of July fireworks? Add to the festivities with our Independence Day-themed accessories–free shipping now through Sunday.

Holiday Greetings

  • Happy 4th of July from the team at New Day Spa–this holiday, we’re proud to call you family!
  • Happy 4th of July from us to you. We’re wishing you a holiday full of family time, fireworks, and summer festivities!
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Happy Independence Day from the Cohesive Coffee Company. We’re grateful for you and for the chance to celebrate America!

How to Write the Perfect 4th of July SMS

Now that you’ve got some examples to work from, let’s talk about what makes a great 4th of July text. Yes, it’s a simple thing to type up and send, but there are still a few rules to remember.

1. Keep it light and friendly

Although we know that the 4th of July is based on America’s fight for independence from Britain, that’s not necessarily a piece of information you need to put into your texts. 

Just keep the tone light and celebratory–and, of course, patriotic. A “Happy 4th of July” or mention on Independence day is plenty.

2. Be polite 

If you go with a fun, festive voice for your text, be aware of any jokes you choose to make. You still want to sound professional, so keep it cheerful but not irreverent.

And remember, even though this holiday has its roots in politics, that’s not a good topic for (most) texts. Just stick to a light greeting and any special offers you might want to sare.

3. Stay centered on the holiday 

It sounds obvious, but we’ll still say it: Make it clear that you’re sending a text around the 4th of July. Avoid just referring to it as “the holiday” or vaguely referencing the summer season.

4. Keep it short and sweet 

An SMS message only gives you 160 characters to work with. So, limit your text to a greeting and a mention of your sale, product launch, or announcement.

You’ll keep your audience’s attention better and encourage more engagement with any links you include.

The Final Word on 4th of July SMS Messages

For businesses looking to catch their customers’ eyes and build up a shining brand reputation, holiday texts are where it’s at.

The 4th of July, especially, is an American tradition that gets people excited to gather together and celebrate–so if you can tap into that joy with a well-timed text, it’s a brighter holiday for both you and your audience. 

Ready to get started crafting your 4th of July text? Try out SimpleTexting for 14 days, totally free.

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Lily Norton

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