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8 Tips On How To Get Traffic To Your Online Store Using SMS

8 Tips On How To Get Traffic To Your Online Store Using SMS

SMS can be an easy and cost efficient tool to drive traffic to your e-commerce site. Get inspired with these eight ideas and examples.

The worlds of e-commerce and mobile are growing closer and closer each day as smartphone popularity continues to rise. Here in 2019, over 1.2 billion people worldwide access the internet from their smartphones. For context…that’s four times the population of the US!

In a trend that’s coming to be known as “mcommerce” (mobile commerce), statistics peg around four out of five Americans as online shoppers with more than half making purchases using a mobile device. Just over this last year, mobile dominated all other internet-enabled devices for Black Friday/Cyber Monday on Shopify, accounting for 66% of sales.

This is all a rather long-winded way of saying that any progressive e-commerce business looking to capture more sales must focus their attention on optimization for mobile devices.

This comes in the form of mobile-friendly ads, push notifications, and small-screen adaptive websites. But one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways you can build the e-commerce/mobile association is by text-enabling your business.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Online Store Through SMS

70% of smartphone owners have reported that messaging is one of the top 5 uses of their device. That’s around 13% higher than any other feature on a mobile device!

Utilizing SMS marketing as a medium for message sharing and promotions is a great way to capture consumers attention and drive them towards your e-commerce site or retail store.

So, to help you get your creative juices flowing, here are eight ways you can begin using texting as a method for driving site traffic.

1. Always Include Links In Your Texts

Even though text messages are 160 characters long, it’s important that you dedicate some of those characters to hyperlinks. At SimpleTexting, we utilize a URL shortener that saves you space and gives you the ability to track who clicked on what, and segment respondents based on their behavior. By including links in your messages you’re given them the chance to act on your CTA immediately creating the desired effect of visiting your site! When it comes to consumer messaging, it’s always best practice to direct them to exactly where you want them to go rather than just telling them.

2. Have A Web Sign Up Form

First time or returning visitors to your site should immediately be met with the opportunity to sign up for text marketing by simply filling out a form with their contact information. Not only does building this association between your e-commerce site and mobile have a positive effect, it gives you the chance to secure contact information that can be used to drive visits through campaigns, polls, giveaways, and any number of text marketing tools now available to you!

3. Integrate SMS With Your E-Commerce Tools

Thanks to SimpleTexting’s Zapier integration, you can now combine your marketing efforts through thousands of apps directly with SMS. For example, one of the most popular e-commerce tools out there is Shopify. By integrating your text marketing platform with Shopify, you can instantly send text messages to your customers with alerts like abandoned cart notices, order confirmations, and more!

4. Send Out Restock Or New Inventory Alerts

Emails advertising these kinds of messages are often quickly passed over among the clutter. Circumvent that by drawing customer attention to the less-trafficked SMS inbox! Through MMS you can even include images or product videos that would entice customers even more to visit your site and see what the buzz is about.

Today 12:10 PM
The launch you’ve all been waiting for! Glossier’s bubble wrap is live on the site now!

5. Create Flash Sales Exclusively For Text Subscribers

Who doesn’t love a good sale? I mean, look at the internet-crashing effects Amazon prime days is having on the world….! Harness that same enthusiasm with an edge of exclusivity by offering flash sale deals only distributed via text message. Advertise on your website and social media that you have deals offered only to text subscribers and watch the traffic spike with every campaign!

6. Follow Up Purchases With Text Surveys

Customers who have given you their mobile number upon placing an order (and consented to receiving texts in the process) open up a world of opportunity for you. For example, follow up each purchase with an SMS poll assessing how satisfied they were with their order. Based off of the response they give, you can direct them to links to either customer service reps on your site who can help rectify any issues, or additional products they might like. Links to these products will drive them once again to your site and perhaps encourage them to buy more.

Today 10:15 AM
On a scale of 1-10 how satisfied were you with your Coleman tent purchase?


We’re so glad you liked your tent, we think you’d also like our camping mattress!

7. Include Keywords On Packaging

A bread and butter text marketing tool is the keyword. A short, memorable word or phrase that, when texted in to your number, adds you to a list as a subscriber. A unique way to drive people back to your site post-purchase is to include your keyword and number on all the boxes you ship packages out in. You can use a keyword that directs people to leave ratings and reviews, even trigger an instructional video that will help the consumer get familiar with their product immediately after the unboxing!

For example: Include the phrase “To watch a getting started with your Kindle video, text StartReading to 833-807-3487!”

This is an example of a more indirect mobile marketing strategy, but by creating this unique touch you’re sure to drive repeat business!

Today 2:00 PM

Congrats on your new Kindle! Here’s a video that will walk you through the set up process in a snap!

8. Mobile-Driven Social Campaigns

Finally, we’ll leave you with one more strategy that takes traditional marketing and gives it a text marketing boost. It’s as simple as changing up some of your social media ads! While your current ads most likely have a CTA driving people to your website they may be falling flat. That’s because they’re not offering direct value to the clicker.

So instead, create an ad that includes a unique keyword. When that keyword is texted in, the subscriber is automatically met with an autoresponse coupon that gives them a discount code! In this case, the SMS delivers a reward that will entice viewers of the ad to interact deeper and go to the site with a purpose. And now that you have a new subscriber, you’re able to contact them down the line with more can’t miss offers. It’s the strategy that keeps on giving!

Today 10:15 AM

Thanks for joining the Dominos text club! Use code FacebookPizza at checkout for $10 off your next order of $15 or more!

These suggestions are only eight out of thousands of ways you can start using texting as a tool within your e-commerce business. Still looking for a little bit of inspiration? Check out some of our e-commerce clients who are making SMS a mainstay in their brand. And always remember, you can give us a try for free!

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