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Improve Your Customer Service With Text Messaging

Improve Your Customer Service With Text Messaging

Texting for customer service can save your business a ton of time, too. Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again? – Roy Trenneman, The IT Crowd What Is Texting for Customer Service and Support? A growing number of businesses are using a business text message service to develop more effective service […]

Texting for customer service can save your business a ton of time, too.

Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again?

– Roy Trenneman, The IT Crowd

What Is Texting for Customer Service and Support?

A growing number of businesses are using a business text message service to develop more effective service and support options for their customers and clients. Business texting is the practice of conducting text message communications, especially for customer service purposes, over a business landline. Businesses can use a text marketing service provider like SimpleTexting to configure an SMS customer service solution that lets their customers instantly get in touch with questions about an order, special requests, or inquiries about whether a product is in stock.

Unlike mass texting, which involves large-scale campaigns and abbreviated phone numbers, business texting uses regular 10-digit phone numbers and lends itself perfectly to 1-on-1 communications such as customer service and support interactions.

Here’s a bit more detail on the difference between SMS short codes and long codes:

Short Codes

  • Short codes are used for sending mass campaigns to hundreds or even thousands of people at once
  • They can seem a bit impersonal in your inbox because the number’s only 5 or 6 digits long instead of 10
  • They aren’t really intended for 1-on-1 communication, although it is possible to use them that way

Long Codes

  • Long codes are regular 10-digit phone numbers, which tend to look more personal than short codes
  • Industry regulations allow 1-on-1 conversations over long code numbers, but mass texts are prohibited, with one exception—toll-free numbers
  • With toll-free numbers, you can have 1-on-1 conversations and send mass campaigns

In this blog, we’ll be focusing on the benefits of long code numbers—both landlines and toll-free numbers.

If you’re looking to send mass campaigns, then you should consider registering a keyword and using SimpleTexting‘s short code. But if you’re looking to improve customer service, then what you want is a business texting number.

How to Use Text Messaging for Customer Service

Here are 7 ways that text messaging and SMS can improve customer service and support for your business:

1. Business texting meets an existing demand.

Research shows that people really want to have a mobile messaging option when it comes to customer service. So, why not give them what they want?

If you offer a way to get in touch via text, those customers will be more likely to become repeat customers and prefer you over your competitors.

2. Business texting reveals the inquiries you’re likely missing.

There’s a good chance people are already texting your business number… even if it’s not enabled for texting. And given the popularity of text messaging, why wouldn’t they assume they could text you?

These days, people see a phone number and figure it’s fine to either call or text. It’s time to text-enable your business number to start capturing those inquiries and keep people from thinking you’re just ignoring them.

3. Business texting saves your customers a ton of time.

Nobody likes waiting on hold. People will get frustrated or go look for business elsewhere if they can’t easily get in touch with you.

With business texting, people can reach out to you when it makes sense for them. It’ll make them feel like their time is valuable, and it will build trust and respect. So, stop wasting people’s time, and make today the day the hold music died.

4. Texting for customer service can save your business a ton of time, too.

Business texting allows you to be more efficient because your customer service team won’t have to spend as much time on the phone with people. Instead, they can simply communicate via text, which eats up way less time than phone calls.

It’s better customer service, and it’s also time and money saved.

5. Text messaging is more convenient for your customers.

Have you ever needed to speak with customer support about a medical condition, test results, or some other sensitive subject—in a public place?

With business texting, your customers won’t feel awkward if they have to contact you outside of the comfort of their home. Regardless of the topic, they’ll feel okay communicating with you on the go. Anytime, anywhere.

6. Text messaging adds a personal touch to customer service.

Texting is more personal, open, and friendly than other forms of communication. When you enable business texting, you’re sending a subtle signal to people that they matter.

We all know that customer retention is much cheaper than customer acquisition—so show your existing customers that you’re approachable, and they’ll keep approaching you with their business.

7. Texting lets you automate parts of your customer service process.

With business texting, you can automate your welcome texts, appointment reminders, shipping and delivery notifications, and other messages that would be a pain to handle manually.

You can write your messages ahead of time, too, and simply schedule them to send at the appropriate time. It’s a snap.

The Bottom Line on Text Messaging for Customer Service

To wrap things up, let’s highlight a few of the main benefits of using text messaging for customer service and text-enabling your business number:

  • Lets you easily conduct 1-on-1 customer service via text message
  • Improves brand perception by offering a more personal appearance than a short code
  • Transfers your existing brand equity from only calling to calling and texting
  • Generates new leads and maximizes sales by catering to the majority of people who value having a mobile messaging option for customer service

SimpleTexting makes it easy to get started with text messaging or SMS for customer service. We even have examples of text messages you can send to customers.

You can bring along your existing landline or VoIP line, or register a new dedicated number. Your plan gives you access to our full marketing suite, including a powerful analytics platform.

Plus, there’s no need to switch providers—we can host your number, no problem. Sign up today!

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