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5 Easy Steps to Implement Text Message Marketing Today

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Does your business use text message marketing to increase lead volume, create demand, and maximize revenue? If not, now is the time to seriously consider engaging in this quickly evolving mobile marketing space. This grossly underutilized marketing strategy can be easily implemented today and is guaranteed to help you harvest low-hanging fruit that you didn’t even know existed!

To get started in text marketing, simply follow the five steps below:

Establish Your Account

If you have not engaged in text marketing before, you may be imagining manually sending out hundreds of text messages. Thankfully, there is a better solution! Advanced text marketing platforms will help you quickly build a list, market to your list, customize messages, and even help ensure regulatory compliance. By using one of these sophisticated platforms, your chances of success are dramatically improved and the time required to start marketing is minimal.

The first step of launching a successful mobile marketing campaign with text message marketing is signing up for your account. You can sign up for a free SimpleTexting account here.

Develop Your Strategy

Are you new to text marketing and a bit overwhelmed? No worries. We have a great resource center that will help you learn everything you need to know to launch your first campaign. To get started, check out our industry guides, which include information on getting started, helpful how-tos, and even example texts to spark some ideas! You can also review our tutorial videos that will walk you through how to do everything from setting up your account to running your first contest.
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Grow Your List

The success or failure of your marketing campaign will ultimately depend on the quality and size of your list. The daunting task of creating a marketing list is the No. 1 reason people choose to ignore the revenue-producing activity of text marketing. Don’t let this task overwhelm you! The easiest way to get started is to simply import your existing list. Next, you will want to make use of a custom keyword, contests, web forms, or custom solutions with the API to grow your list further. Remember, if your list isn’t growing, real money is evaporating.

Respect Your List

While text marketing is an extremely powerful tool, it is imperative that you respect your customers’ wishes and follow industry best practices. For example, it is important to text at the right time with the right frequency and message. You also want to give people the opportunity to easily opt out. By ensuring regulatory compliance and following best practices, people will come to appreciate your company and its marketing messages.

Maximize Your Revenue

The primary purpose of marketing is to create additional demand and revenue for your brand. Using the rich feature set of the text marketing platform, you can easily push the right message at the perfect time to the ideal consumer. If you own a restaurant, imagine being able to text customers on a slow day with a special offer to increase revenue when you need it most. If your business sets appointments with your clientele, you are well aware of the impact of missed appointments on the bottom line. Text messaging helps you eliminate costly missed appointments by instantly communicating with your customers in a noninvasive manner. Regardless of your industry, texting can help you increase profits and get the right message in front of your customer base.

According to recent studies, over 99% of all text messages are opened and an astonishing 90% of text messages are opened within three minutes of receipt!

Your customers are glued to mobile devices and it is vitally important that your business engage in mobile marketing. Whether you are a multinational company or a small local business, text message marketing can help you turn leads into revenue.

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