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Why You Shouldn’t Buy Facebook Reviews

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Facebook Reviews

Learn why purchasing fake Facebook reviews for your business can damage your online footprint.

If the old saying goes, “When a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” Then the new saying must be, “If your business buys a Facebook review, and nobody knows it’s fake, does it count?”

The answer is unequivocally no— it most certainly doesn’t count.

However tempting it may be to boost your businesses rankings on Facebook with 5-star reviews, it will only go on to harm your reputation.

Learn how and why fake Facebook reviews pose a danger to your businesses and your customers alike.

Four Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Facebook Reviews

One quick Google search of “how to buy Facebook customer reviews” will yield hundreds of different services boasting “real” “professional” and “safe” Facebook reviews for purchase.

All you need is a credit card and you’re in. And yes, “real” Facebook accounts may leave positive reviews on your page, but no matter what they won’t be real customers. For that reason, and a few more, it’s never in your best interest to purchase fake reviews.

1. They’re Easy to Spot

Fake Facebook reviews are pretty easy to spot. We’re sure your new bar is cool, but would people really describe it as “amazing, life-changing, the greatest in the world?”

Overly positive reviews are the M.O. of these fake review sites. And those unrealistically glowing testimonies can be huge red flags to consumers that something is up. If readers can tell reviews are fake, it can result in a total destruction of trust. Not only can this turn customers off to your business, but it can render all your truthful positive reviews and unreliable.

2. You Could Go to Facebook “Jail”

Purchasing Facebook reviews is against their terms of use. While it’s not always illegal, it can be misleading. Which is why Facebook won’t bat an eyelash when they suspend or even ban your business profile. And when you look at how important your digital footprint is, losing your business’s Facebook page is far more detrimental than a lackluster review section.

3. The Algorithm Will Punish You

Facebook uses an algorithm to serve users with the best content that’s most relevant to them. As a business, the algorithm determines how often your post appears in your fans’ newsfeeds. This is largely determined by the proportion between likes and page engagement.

When you purchase likes or reviews you populate your page with more content. But, because it’s not organic, your engagement levels are down. This disparity devalues your page and, as a result, the popularity of your content will shrink.

Moral of the story— Facebook has its ways of rewarding good, honest social growth and punishing corner cutters.

4. Risk Exposing Your Data

While not every site offering Facebook reviews for purchase is sketchy, some of them are. And if you hand over any of your account information, you risk getting hacked. Again, when you look at the risks vs. the rewards, it’s tough to justify the means here.

The Best Ways To Get More Facebook Reviews 

Texting is an incredible tool to ask for ratings and reviews. It’s easy to follow up with customers post-purchase with a link to your Facebook page. You can even track your links and send nudges to people who haven’t clicked yet.

However, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get more Facebook reviews directly on your business page, ensure that you have the right strategies in place. 

  • Ask for reviews at the right time, like after a customer has had a good experience with a customer service agent or their product has been delivered
  • If Facebook is the place you want to collect reviews, be sure you’re specifying that.
  • Always attach a link directly to your review page whenever possible. Make it as easy and painless as possible for reviewers to boost your odds!

When you buy Facebook reviews, you not only cheat your customers, but you cheat yourself. Even bad reviews give your business the chance to mend fences and improve your products/services.

It’s always best practice to encourage more reviews from real customers. This way, you’ll yield a more positive (risk-free) ROI!

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