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Why Text Message Popularity Continues to Increase

What makes texting such a popular platform for communicating with your target audience? Learn more about how SMS benefits each demographic.

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“Merry Christmas.” That was the message on the very first text ever sent. While it’s still possible that out of the 6 billion texts sent in the U.S. every day, some may include an occasional “merry Christmas,” a lot more information is now able to be shared across this versatile, digital platform.

What began as a way to quickly communicate with a handful of your closest contacts has now connected us with friends, strangers, and businesses all around the world. We now have WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, & an ever-growing list of text apps in our lives.   While it still remains a quick and efficient way to send messages, texting has evolved to be a far more sophisticated tool for sharing information.

At SimpleTexting, we’ve built an entire platform to help companies and organizations use the power of SMS. Because if the data has shown us anything, it’s that texting isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Top Reasons Why Texting is So Popular

What has texting done that has kept it from becoming obsolete? We know why texting works, but that’s not necessarily what makes it stick. So, what are the main reasons industry experts feel so strongly about SMS?

Native Technology

Some of the trouble with technological development is that it requires additional hardware. Texting however is native to every cell phone. Even as smartphones continue to get “smarter” nobody is left behind with a need to upgrade. Additionally, it doesn’t require data or downloads. As the saying goes, there may “be an app for that”, but you simply don’t need one when it comes to texting!

Choose Your Number

When it comes to text-enabling your business, there are several approaches you can take. Each one gives you a unique edge in your market. First, you can provision a memorable short code. It’s a quick and simple way for users to get in touch with you, especially through a keyword. If you’re looking to foster a sense of community with your subscribers, you can take on a specific toll-free number. Or, if you already have a 10- digit phone number your customers are familiar with, we can convert it to be text enabled.

Multi-Generational Appeal

As far as technology goes, texting became normalized at a very unique time. As a platform, texting has grown alongside millennials. It has been adopted by most baby boomers and Gen X’ers, and it’s all Gen Z has known. It is in the perfect position to reach everyone no matter what stage of their life that they’re in. The statistics from Pew Research on mobile activity demonstrate this adoption cycle respectively:

  • 18-24 y.o. sent and received about 128 text messages per day
  • 25-34 y.o. sent and received about 75 text messages per day
  • 35-44 y.o. sent and received about 52 text messages per day
  • 45-54 y.o. sent and received about 33 text messages per day
  • 55+ y.o. sent and received about 16 text messages per day

Stellar Conversion Rates

A group of British psychologists discovered that consumers are spending twice as much time on their mobile phones than they think— touching their phone around 2,617 times per day (including tapping, scrolling, and typing). This results in an astronomical amount of possibility when it comes to interaction.

Not only does business texting boast a 45% response rate (compared to emails 8%), but messages are read, on average, 90 seconds after receipt. This turnaround results in the ability to push relevant and specific CTAs that can yield high turnaround. A case study from Kiehl’s Skin Care found that an average of 73% of customers made purchases after each SMS campaign.

Technology Without Internet

Text marketing is a beautiful thing because, despite falling into the tech category, it doesn’t actually require internet connection on the recipient’s end. This means you can connect anytime, anywhere. No wires attached!

It’s Preferred by Customers

Despite texting being well over two decades old, it has continued to gather more and more users (around 5 billion to be exact). And despite the addition of new competing technology like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger, more people still trend towards texting. Some even prefer it face to face contact! In 2012, texting was the most used form of communication, and it still holds the title according to the latest data from 2018.

“Our data reveals that most Americans love texting and would rather send a text than make a call.” – Infomate CEO, Will Hodgman

And so, we turn our final thoughts on to you, our reader. If you had the choice of how to communicate something time sensitive with your coworker, would you rather send it through email or text message?

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