What Is a Bounce Back Campaign?

What Is a Bounce Back Campaign?

Learn what a retail or e-commerce bounce back campaign is as well as how to run one. Make your campaigns more effective when you add SMS.

The bounce back offer is every retailer’s secret weapon to create repeat business.

It gets its name from the action it encourages consumers to do—to return (or bounce back) after making a purchase.

Learn how to leverage the momentum of your customer’s rebounds with our tips and tricks for creating a bounce back campaign.

How Does a Bounce Back Campaign Work?

Bounce back campaigns primarily see success thanks to their quick and timely offer placement.

Instead of waiting days or weeks after purchasing, bounce back offers serve customers with an offer directly after the transaction.

For example, imagine you’re at a fast food chain and you place an order. Included with your food and receipt is a voucher for 2 for 1 burgers on your next visit.

That offer would be considered the motivator for you to “bounce” back and return to that specific fast food location for a meal the next time you’re hungry.

Today 8:00 PM
Thanks for eating at Mardy’s! Show this text for 1/2 price apps next time you visit!

Another reason bounce back campaigns are so successful is because they offer something to folks who are already customers.

The offers are less focused on convincing customers why they should shop with the business and instead focus on capitalizing on the fact that their brand already is a customer’s current choice. Now, they just need to ensure you return.

If a customer had a positive experience with your shop and you pair that with an offer for them to come back, it makes it a lot more likely they’ll become repeat customers.

Why Do I Need Bounce Back Campaigns?

Did you know that 41% of an e-commerce store’s revenue is created by only 8% of its customers?

That 8% is made up entirely of repeat customers.

When it comes to getting a customer to make a second purchase the chance of them returning rises from 27% to 54%!

So many marketing budgets heavily focus on customer acquisition. However, customer retention is where the real money-making is.

A bounce back campaign is one of the simplest ways to invest in repeat business. And if you needed any extra convincing….

  • According to the Adobe Digital index, repeat customers are 9 times more likely to convert than a first-time shopper.
  • Another study by RJMetrics found that your loyal top 10% spend 3 times more per order than the lower 90%, and your top 1% of customers spend 5 times more than the lower 99%.
  • A study by Bain & Company found that apparel shoppers purchase 67% more per order after shopping with a company for 30 months.
  • The average shopper spends 17% more per transaction during the holiday rush while repeat customers actually spend 25% more per transaction during the busy season.

Most non-subscription online retail businesses will have 80% one-time buyers and only 20% multi-buyers.

The good news? You can boost that 20% while remaining cost-conscious when you automate your bounce back campaigns with SMS.

How to Automate Bounce Back Campaigns

While many retailers choose to send their offers via email, text messaging is an even faster solution that comes with higher open and click-through rates. 

Additionally, over 90% of people read their text messages within three minutes of receiving it. That makes it ideal for serving a time-sensitive offer like a bounce back.

Setting up an automated bounce back campaign for your business is simple and can be done a few different ways:

1. Keyword Bounce Backs

On your customer’s receipt, you can include a keyword: a short word or phrase they can text in to subscribe to messages. When texted in, the keyword can trigger the offer for their next visit automatically. You could even add the keyword to in-store signage or a sticky bar on your site:

2. Mobile Sign-Up Widgets

By adding a mobile sign-up widget to your site, customers can automatically enter their information and receive your bounce back offer within seconds!

3. Autoresponders

Autoresponders are a series of automatic messages that each customer receives after subscribing to your list. They give you the efficiency of creating a messaging program without having to launch campaigns manually. You can schedule your bounce back campaign to send minutes, hours, and days after a purchase to ensure a steady stream of repeat customers!

Today 2:25 PM
Rachel, thanks for shopping at Zero Waste Store! We hope you enjoy your reusable straws. Here’s a link to a free brush cleaner to go with your next purchase.

What Should You Do After a Bounce Back Campaign?

Once your campaign is sent the next and final step is to measure your results. With a little help from Google Analytics, you’ll be tracking your campaign’s success in a snap. 

Want to set up and test out your own bounce back text campaigns? Give SimpleTexting a try for free for 14-days and watch customers return in real-time! Your first 50 messages are on us 😊.

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