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Video – Learn How to Run a Text-2-Vote Campaign

Get instant feedback with a text poll. Set up multiple choices and even share the real-time results with your participants. Instant feedback and instant fun.

Video Transcription

Hey everybody, thanks for watching. Today, we’re going to show you how to create a text to vote campaign with SimpleTexting. Voting via text message is an easy and innovative way to collect feedback and engage your audience.

Let’s get started. Once you’ve logged into SimpleTexting, go to “Apps,” “Text 2 Vote,” and “Create a Poll.” You can name your poll. This is just for your own reference; subscribers won’t see it. Select the keyword that will initiate the polling. Write your poll question, “How much do you love SimpleTexting?” Then, write your answers here, separating them with a Return. So, “A little bit,” “A lot,” and “With all my heart.” After that, you write your post response message, “Thanks for voting, we love you too.”

You can even send the results to the participant, so they’ll see the current vote count. Click “Save poll,” and there you go. You can click “View” to see the results as they come in. Thanks for watching.