Twilio vs. SimpleTexting

In need of a program built for developers and non-developers alike? SimpleTexting’s code friendly platform, responsive customer service, and easy to use UI make it the more competitive alternative to Twilio.

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Why Choose SimpleTexting Over Twilio?

If you’re a developer in need of an all-in-one voice, SMS, and Whatsapp solution, Twillio is more in line with what you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for a text marketing platform everyone on your team can use, not just the developers, SimpleTexting has everything you need.

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No Hidden Carrier Fees🚫
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All the Tools You Need to Add SMS to Your Workflow

Here are just a few of the most popular ways businesses utilize our API.

  • Send SMS Message
  • Receive Incoming Messages
  • Check Messages Count
  • Check Keyword Availability
  • Rent a Keyword
  • Configure a Keyword
  • Remove Keyword
  • List All Keywords

  • Configure Forwarding
  • List All Contacts
  • Add Contact To List
  • Delete Contact From List
  • Update a Contact
  • List All Sent Messages
  • List All Scheduled Messages
  • Show Message Info

  • Remove Message by Id
  • Export Autoresponder Analytics
  • Check Remaining Credits
  • List All Scheduled Campaigns
  • Send MMS Message
  • Add Contact To The Unsubscribed Contacts List
  • Configure Settings For a Keyword

Why SimpleTexting Is the Best Alternative to Twilio

If you need voice capabilities, Twilio is for you. If you just need SMS, SimpleTexting's API provides your perfect solution along with the added benefit of logging in to a user-friendly dashboard to see what messages are going out. 

More Pricing Tiers

More Pricing Tiers

Cost isn’t everything, but that doesn’t make hidden fees okay. With SimpleTexting’s plans, you get what you need at the right price point with no hidden fees and no charge for incoming SMS messages. Twilio’s pay as you go plan has the potential to skyrocket exponentially as your subscriber list grows.

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Build 1-on-1 Relationships

Build 1-on-1 Relationships

One of the main reasons Twilio customers move to SimpleTexting is that the Twilio SMS inbox is very limited. With SimpleTexting, you can: Add emojis, leave notes, create templates, mark conversations as resolved, or unresolved, and even snooze them, and filter/manage conversations. If you want to offer text-based customer service or sales, you can with SimpleTexting’s SMS inbox–at no extra cost.

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Connect With Customers With Or Without Code

Connect With Customers With Or Without Code

If you want to send a message with Twilio you need to be able to code. With SimpleTexting however, you can send messages directly from our easy-to-use dashboard with a single click. No coding required unless you want there to be!

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Searchable API Transactions

Searchable API Transactions

With SimpleTexting a dedicated search page lets you quickly check whether your API calls are being accepted. You can also integrate your web application with our SMS API using straightforward webhooks!

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Read What Real Customers Have to Say About SimpleTexting

Hear what others have to say about how we measure up to the competition.

"SimpleTexting is one of the easiest solutions to get started with. We’re able to directly contact our users to update them or get them to opt-in to our community. You don’t have to have any development experience. You can just sign up and have a way to directly text your users."

Kunal Parbadia is using SimpleTexting for text message marketing.
Kunal Parbadia
The Whether

"I use SimpleTexting to better connect with my audience and build relationships with them on a 1-on-1 basis. I love that there’s an app and that I can send things out from my phone. Texts are way more personal than sending an email blast or putting something out on social."

Lindsey Eryn is using SimpleTexting for text message marketing.
Lindsey Eryn
Third Story Apartment

"What I like best about SimpleTexting is that it allows me to interact with my clients on a regular basis. I send out a monthly market update along with an invitation to enter a drawing for a $25 gift card. This interaction keeps me top of mind for referrals and directs clients to my website."

Kelly Boyle is using SimpleTexting for text message marketing.
Kelly Boyle
Premier One Properties

"We needed a simple way to drive app downloads for our company, and SimpleTexting provides that. It’s so easy to add the shortcode and keyword to our marketing materials. The platform even integrates with our website, allowing visitors to request a download link to their phone."

Ember Ferrantino is using SimpleTexting for text message marketing.
Ember Ferrantino

"SimpleTexting makes my work easier. It has helped us streamline communication and cut down our communication time significantly. I like being able to send mass texts to my beneficiaries and also engage with them one on one. It’s super useful to automate messages."

Anika Manzoor is using SimpleTexting for text message marketing.
Anika Manzoor
Youth Activism Project

"We have been using SimpleTexting for almost a year now and I appreciate the ease of use of the software. To get through the basic task of setting up an SMS campaign, sending it, and tracking responses, it does the job without making it difficult. It’s great software at a good price point."

Joe Hallissey is using SimpleTexting for text message marketing.
Joe Hallissey
Merci Home

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