How Pallas Seeds nurtures and connects its customer community with SMS

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Check out how Pallas Seeds uses texting to inform and empower its community of growers

Cale Pallas is one of the co-owners of Pallas Seeds, a family business that sells corn and soybean seeds to local farmers.

Challenge: Reaching a large, spread-out community of growers

Cale Pallas and the Pallas Seeds team faced challenges in reaching their growers with important information about the fields, given that traditional methods like phone calls proved time-consuming and inefficient. 

They needed a way to deliver timely updates directly to their growers that was convenient for both sides and more accessible. 

Texting has really helped us get information out in a form that our growers want (on their phones). Our customer engagement has gone up dramatically… It’s really been just a very positive thing for our business.
Cale Pallas

Cale Pallas


Solution: Quick, accessible text messages

Cale turned to SimpleTexting to solve the problem. With SimpleTexting, Pallas Seeds was able to connect with its growers quickly and efficiently.

That’s because each grower can check the texts at their convenience. This helped Cale disseminate vital information directly to the growers. It also allowed him to create meaningful conversations about each customer’s specific needs and ways to help growers optimize their operations.

Result: Higher customer engagement and informed growers

Both the team at Pallas Seeds and their growers love this approach. Cale finds that texting has fostered trust and more efficient communication between the team and the growers.

By understanding customers’ specific needs and challenges, Pallas Seeds was better equipped to provide tailored solutions and assistance, ultimately helping their growers nurture and scale their operations.

We have tried many different text messaging services over the past few years. But a lot of them didn’t provide the features we were looking for. SimpleTexting really does everything we need it to do. It’s honestly the easiest part of our week because it takes me almost no time to put together a text, get it out to our customers, and they can have that information right at their fingertips.
Cale Pallas

Cale Pallas


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