Fullstaq Marketer Increased Its Click-Through Rate By 400%

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Learn how Fullstaq Marketer increased its click-through rate by 400% using SMS.

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Fullstaq Marketer helps entrepreneurs of all types and experience levels grow successful businesses through mindset work and expert training.

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Fullstaq Marketer struggled to find an SMS platform with the right blend of customer service, user-friendliness, and analytics.

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The team has seen an increase in its click-through rate from 1% to 5% using automation and multiple numbers.

The Fullstaq Marketer team works hard to spread their business-building resources to as many hungry entrepreneurs as possible. The only problem? They were stuck in a fog of confusing analytics, dropped messages, and radio silence from every SMS platform they tried. 

We spoke with Brooke Eden, the team’s Marketing Project Manager, and Jason O’Dell, resident communications expert, to get the story on how SimpleTexting revived their SMS efforts.

Getting Started With SimpleTexting

Brooke, Jason, and their team recognized the power of SMS marketing right away, especially with its sky-high conversion rates

So, they started trying out different apps and platforms. Each one came with a new set of problems. 

According to Brooke and Jason, they lacked responsive customer service, accurate analytics so they could track results, didn’t allow for MMS messages, or were too difficult to navigate. 

At times, they found that significant numbers of their texts weren’t being delivered, but no one let them know. Around 8% of messages weren’t even reaching contacts’ phones because of invalid ID’s or unsubscribes. They knew that they needed to find a better fit.

Then, a friend recommended SimpleTexting, and the difference was clear.

Instead of missing data and confusing processes, Brooke and Jason found an all-in-one, user-friendly platform with comprehensive, clear numbers that let them know which of their messages were sent successfully and allowed for easy linking and complex, customized workflows.

How Fullstaq Marketer Designs Its Contact Journey

All of the texts that Fullstaq Marketer sends to contacts are designed to move them through specific funnels. 

First, contacts are invited to register for webinars and learn more about affiliate marketing. Then, they are invited to purchase products and programs. The team is intentional about following up.

Don’t forget to attend the upcoming webinar – check your email for important information.

After the webinar, whether they did or didn’t attend, they receive the webinar recording and follow-up reminders. 

These reminders help contacts go through any remaining steps before attending events or congratulate them if they’ve done the steps already.

Along with these follow-ups, the team sends out “broadcasts” ahead of live events. Before each Business Launch Challenge event, for example, contacts receive a broadcast to register for the event. 

Once they do, they get a reminder to complete the steps that will help them prepare for the event and get the most out of it. Contacts are also invited to live Zoom classes designed to guide them through these steps. 

Jason and Brooke noted that, “We rely on SMS messaging a lot. We take SMS pretty seriously, because it increases conversions and it keeps us in contact with them. We sometimes can’t reach people with emails.”

SMS Makes All the Difference

Since setting up these SMS sequences, the team at Fullstaq Marketer has seen a huge upswing in the number of clicks they get on their messages.

Before starting with SimpleTexting, campaigns sent out to 80,000 people were only getting around a 1% CTR. 

With better analytics and more support, that number has jumped to 5-6%, depending on the list size. Jason also mentioned that texts sent to smaller lists have seen as high as a 20% click-through rate.

Want the Same Results?

SimpleTexting’s platform is designed to help you send messages that your contacts will actually seeーand make sure that you’re in the loop every step of the way.

We know that your communication and marketing strategy is unique, and just like Fullstaq Marketer, we want to maximize your results. 

Come explore our entire suite of features and customizations with a 14-day free trial, and let’s see what you can create.

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