How EML Pool & Spa sets healthy boundaries and raises customer satisfaction with SMS

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Learn how the team at EML Pools & Spa uses SimpleTexting to increase customer satisfaction and avoid using their personal phones for customer communications.

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EML Pool & Spa is a family-run business that offers swimming pool construction, retail, and pool cleaning services.

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The EML team struggled to communicate effectively with their customers without giving out their personal numbers.

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SimpleTexting allows Kayla and her staff to send and receive texts to customers in seconds, leading to a big rise in customer satisfaction.

Kayla Green and her family run a small swimming pool construction company, a retail store, and a pool-cleaning service.

SMS allows them to help customers communicate their needs and serve them better without having to use their personal phones.

The challenge: Communicating with customers without using a personal number

Kayla and her team found that they frequently needed customers to send photos of their equipment setup or the specific issue with their pool. 

She also didn’t want to give out her personal phone number (or one of her technicians’ phone numbers). So, Kayla’s top priority was to find a platform that could keep communications confined to the business itself.

The solution: Texting from a centralized SMS platform

Having a SimpleTexting account allows the EML Pool & Spa staff to get notifications every time a reply comes in so they can keep response times low and customers satisfied.

The result: Faster response times and higher customer satisfaction 

Since starting with SimpleTexting, Kayla has seen a big increase in customer satisfaction, leading to those customers returning to buy from them again and again.

I would tell anybody who is considering SimpleTexting to go for it, especially if you have a service-based business and you need the ability to use one phone number for your business. It’s a game-changer. I’m able to advertise to people that they can contact me via text and they absolutely love it because let’s face it, nobody wants to talk on the phone anymore.
Kayla Green

Kayla Green

Operations Manager

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